National and ACT are going to throw Gen X under the retirement bus by stealing two years of our pension from us…

ACT commits to raising pension age

ACT leader David Seymour says New Zealand must start raising the pension age, raising it three months every year until it reaches 67 years old.

“We have to be honest and say we’re in a hole… countries are raising their ages of retirement to at or above 67,” Seymour said.

The ACT leader dismissed concerns about the fairness of a blanket increase to the age of superannuation, rather than means testing.


The first generation of user pays, Gen X, are now going to have to wait longer to get their Super if National and ACT win the 2023 election!

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It’s not enough that Gen Xers had to pay for their own education, it’s not enough that while they were paying that student debt off and Boomers were speculating them out of the housing market, now we are being told that those Boomers are pulling the Super ladder up behind them!

So Boomers speculate Xers out of the housing market, never fucking retire so that Xers can’t progress their careers and NOW they are taking their Super up with them?

Look you Boomers, I know you’ve had it good with your subsided life from cradle to grave, but sweet Jesus there is going to be such a backlash against you the very second Millennials + Gen Y + Gen Xers are a bigger voting black, and that’s predicted to be the 2023 election.

I know you boomers feel pleased as punch to get one past us by electing the Boomer King in Auckland as he privatises assets you won’t be alive to see the consequences of the sale of, but I’m telling you, raise our Super just because you want untaxed capital gains, there’s going to be a political backlash coming for you.

If you are a Gen Xer, you just got another reason not to vote National or ACT!

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