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Biden to open embassies in Cook Islands and Niue as he welcomes Pacific leaders for Washington summit

President Joe Biden is set to announce the opening of new US embassies on Cook Islands and Niue on Monday as the Democratic administration aims to demonstrate to Pacific Island leaders that it remains committed to increasing American presence in the region.

The announcement about the new diplomatic missions in the South Pacific comes as Biden prepares to welcome leaders to Washington for the two-day US-Pacific Island Forum Summit. Talks are expected to heavily focus on the impact of climate change in the region.

Why are we allowing the Realm of NZ to be encroached upon by the Americans?

Surely our job as an independent voice in the pacific is to protect our Pacific Neighbours in ensuring their agency over the interests of Washington and Beijing, especially when that pacific Neighbour is part of our Realm!

Meanwhile, the ramifications of war in Ukraine is being paid for in Africa…

Children Fed on Grass, No Medication for Rape Victims: Aid to African Crises Cut Back as Needs Soar

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…we are not ready for the conflict coming, and the total refusal to focus on Foreign Affairs this election is a travesty.

Ukraine and Russia have every chance to metastasize, Africa is on the brink of rogue nation status as regional players fight proxy wars, China has internal economic issues  and Trump may get re-elected next year.

Luxon is openly arguing for Chinese money to build our infrastructure while tensions rise.

Independence and self sufficiency must be our focus on a burning planet.



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