How desperate are National that they roll out China’s Ambassador to NZ, John Key, to beg voters not to vote in the Alliance of Arseholes?

On current polling, NZ First, ACT and National are all required to get over 51% and form a Government, and as TDB has been pointing out for months now, the Alliance for Arseholes is a combination of the most toxic traits in NZ politics.

It will be an racist, climate denying, antivax, conspiracy theory Government held together by hate and bigotry that will cause social carnage with promises that are more revenge fantasy than considered social policy.

  • Goldman Sachs warned NZ that National’s Tax plans will cause more inflation.
  • Mayor Wayne Brown warns Aucklanders that a national Government will cost them.
  • Labour Party MP Angela Roberts was attacked at a political event.
  • Hana Maipi-Clarke’ had her home targeted in a politically motivated attack while the right claimed it was a lie.
  • ACT are promising to bring back submachine guns.
  • Winston is threatening Jack Tame for asking him hard questions.
  • National will stop building State Houses.
  • ACT want to rob you of January 2nd stat holiday.
  • National can not fund their foreign buyers tax but will allow foreign speculators to price the next generation out of home ownership.
  • NZ First just dumped a candidate who compared Covid vaccinations to Nuremberg trials.
  • National will give Landlords the power to throw tenants out without notice.
  • NZ First will misuse the Terrorism Suppression Act to designate domestic groups for paramilitary policing.
  • National will start riots and bloodshed at Funerals attempting to take Gang Patches from funerals.
  • National will rob 2 year olds, mutilate public transport and literally steal from climate change funds to give Landlord’s a $250 per fortnight tax cut!
  • ACT will start a race war with their racist referendum.
  • National and ACT will steal 2 years of our pension from Gen X.
  • Winston claims Māori aren’t indigenous.
  • ACT want to spark domestic meth cooking so they can pimp for big Pharma.
  • National will give bosses the right to sack after 90 days.
  • National, ACT and NZ First will all punish beneficiaries.
  • National, ACT and NZ First have used Māori as a punching bag.
  • Winston wants toilet police to check Genders in public toilets.
  • National, ACT and NZ First will slash the public services while claiming they aren’t slashing public services.
  • National, ACT and NZ First will abandon all climate change legislation and allow the planet to burn.
  • National, ACT and NZ First are taking millions in donations from the mega rich.
  • Winston wants to misuse the Terrorism Suppression act to designate Domestic Gangs Terrorists which will only empower a paramilitary Police State.

National’s ‘plan’ isn’t trickle down economics, it defies political gravity and demands trickle up! They are taking $2b from the poor and giving it to the rich! This isn’t a plan, it’s Egalitarian vandalism!

In the first 100 days, redneck knee jerk left tough on crime rhetoric will be imposed that will cause an explosion in violence by the State which will shame kiwis!

National, ACT and NZFirst will throw thousands out of state homes with no where for them to go, while cutting 14 000 public service jobs while cutting 140 000 off welfare with sanctions!

Having Key come out and beg highlights how desperate the Right are to not work together.

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