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Election 2023: How much NZ’s 350,000 beneficiaries will miss out on under National’s changes

A National Party promise to decouple benefit increases from wages will see hundreds of thousands of people miss out on payments worth more than $50 a week by the end of the decade, and would likely see National struggling to meet some child poverty targets.

The changes will save the Government about $2 billion over the next four years, but will cost beneficiaries dearly.

By the end of the decade, someone on Jobseeker will be $50 a week worse-off under National’s changes, while someone on a disability benefit will be $60 a week worse off. Those figures equate to a cut of $2600 to $3120 a year.

The change affects an enormous number of people: As of June 351,000 people, or 11.2 per cent of the working age population receive a main benefit.

National will stop building State Houses.

National can not fund their foreign buyers tax but will allow foreign speculators to price the next generation out of home ownership.

National will give Landlords the power to throw tenants out without notice after taking millions in donations from the Real Estate Pimps.

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National will start riots and bloodshed at Funerals attempting to take Gang Patches from funerals.

National will rob 2 year olds, mutilate public transport and literally steal from climate change funds to give Landlord’s a $250 per fortnight tax cut!

National will steal 2 years of our pension from Gen X.

National will give bosses the right to sack after 90 days.

National will slash the public services while claiming they aren’t slashing public services.

National will abandon all climate change legislation and allow the planet to burn.

National’s ‘plan’ isn’t trickle down economics, it defies political gravity and demands trickle up! They are taking $2b from the poor and giving it to the rich! This isn’t a plan, it’s Egalitarian vandalism!

In the first 100 days, redneck knee jerk left tough on crime rhetoric will be imposed that will cause an explosion in violence by the State which will shame kiwis!

The carnage National’s spite and malice is about to cause alongside their Police State fetish is going to doom us in a never ending cycle of rage and violence.

If you are voting National because you are angry with Jacinda and Labour saving 6000 lives and preventing a mass death event, then maybe you need to reflect before voting.

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