Jack is finally fronting one of the debates.

After the way Winston threatened Jack with his job for asking him hard questions, it’s funny watching them cross swords again.

ACT put this up just before the debate


David attacks Winston right after the opening statements.

Oh the Alliance of Arseholes will be a joy to behold.

James Shaw points out that National = ACT and NZF extremism.

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Great question from Jack – is Green hate of National greater than their desire to help the environment.

Rawiri is actually very funny and I had doubts about him being in this debate, but he’s nailing it.

Climate change is on, seeing as NZ First and ACT are climate deniers, it’s outrageous they are even allowed got speak on it.

Climate Change is an existential threat, and we have no choice but to adapt and change because catastrophic weather events will disrupt the agricultural calendar.

Claiming that our Framers are the most efficient in the world means nothing – catastrophic change to our agricultural cycle is coming whether we like it or not!

Next up, the never ending love for cows.

A cow creates the feacal load of 14 humans.

There are 10million cows.

That’s the equivalent of 140 human beings pissing and shitting into our rivers every year.

No wonder 2/3rds of our Rivers are too polluted to swim in!

David claims ACTs climate denialism was written in 2008, which is true, but ACT STILL HAD IT ON THEIR WEBSITE IN 2016!!!!

So they were climate deniers last decade using the previous decades lies!

Why the Christ should a climate denial Party have anything to do with trying to slow down change again?

Watching Rawiri talk over Winston’s race baiting was beautiful. I loved watching Winston get angrier and angrier.

David is playing his whitewashed race baiting bullshit. He ignores the impact of race, he ignores self sovereignty, he ignores his own race baiting and he whitewashes the impact of negative colonialism.

James is the voice of reason.

Co-governance has been hijacked by the Right into an existential threat against Western Democracy.

Rawiri points out that he doesn’t have race rights but have Treaty rights!

David is trying to explain how his racist referendum that will redefine the Treaty and force it upon Māori won’t start a race war.

His bullshit argument will open a debate that will be ugly and racist.

David claims no one can point to one thing that he has said or done that is race baiting.

Well allow me to clear that up.

When David released the unique code for Māori to be vaccinated, that was a public health vandalism stunt that he used to race bait Māori.

When he called Opotoki ‘Mogadishu’, he was race baiting.

When he called gang member behaviour, ‘subhuman’, he was race baiting.

When he claims this…

…he’s race baiting.

When he wants to remove January 2nd as a State Holiday because of ‘Matariki’, he is race baiting!

When he does his pseudo one law for all wank, he is race baiting.

When he looks to amputate all the Ministries that aren’t male and white, he’s race baiting.

Look, most of the time he opens his mouth, it’s race baiting.

He’s now arguing why building a prison empire is important for society.

The Dunedin Study however shows coming from poor backgrounds does have an impact on crime.

Labour’s drive to lower the prison population is admirable because with almost 60% recidivism rates nothing says you are likely to go to prison again more than being in prison in the first place but clearly the means to monitor the huge jump in home detention has not been met with proper monitoring of prisoners on home detention or updating ankle bracelet technology so we have a situation where heinous crimes are being committed because prisoners can just wrap tin foil around their bracelets to confuse the system.

It’s another example of a big plan by Labour with none of the properly funded oversight!

However, in 2016/17, the 12-month recidivism rate was 46.8 per cent while the 24-month rate was 60.9 per cent. The latest rates, for 2021/22, show these falling to 35.8 per cent and 56.5 per cent respectively. Labour’s prison policy is bringing recidivism down, yet the angry electorate want revenge, not justice!

Ram Raids and Gang turf wars generate enormous attention but if we look at the stats we see a very different reality of crime for the vast majority of Kiwis.

In 2022 – there were 886 ram-raids, 57 murders and 175,573 domestic violence investigations.

Ram raids and murders are terrible crimes, but their numbers pale into insignificance when you look at domestic violence in New Zealand – we are very selective when we discuss crime this election.

Of course there is more crime, we had over a thousand hard core criminals deported from Australia straight into the domestic gang world using extreme violence and vastly higher sophistication to take over the domestic meth trade by importing purer and cheaper Meth from their South American Cartel links.

Banning Gang Patches won’t do that, a targeted move against the 501 syndicates who are generating the Turf war will do it, but none of these politicians ever seem to be vaguely aware of the mechanics off the meth trade and the 501 syndicate influence.

The average age of these Ram Raid perpetrators mean that they were the children of John Key’s State Housing meth evictions and were the children living in cars – our disconnect between the environment these children were raised in and our refusal to do anything meaningful on child poverty means a never ending river of broken boys and girls who damage society and the only solution being boot camps that don’t work and more prisons:

To date the sophistication of the debate has been ACT wanting ankle bracelets on 11 year olds, National wanting them on 10 year olds while Labour wants them on 12 year olds!

Robbing Gen X of our super is debated next.

Winston is defending 65.

James in defending 65.

Rawiri is defending 65.

David Seymour wants it to rob us.

Surprise. Surprise.

No one thinks National’s Foreign Buyers tac will win.

Winston isn’t aware that GST of fruit and vegetables was on his website. He seems very confused.

David is back attacking the red tape that protects you and a functioning democracy.

James is championing wealth tax.

Winston wants to investigate supermarkets and banks.

Rawiri is pointing out Māori Party tax policy will do more to counter inequality than anyone else’s policy.

David is boasting slashing 15 000 jobs.


He’s boasting the amputation of the State.

Jesus wept.

Winston is wandering off on something.

Education is talked about, nothing is solved. The answer of course is Billions more into our schools and use them as community hubs, with free breakfasts and lunches and we should fund that by taxing the rich.

Winston is appealing to feral antivaxxers.

Which is funny because…

David reminds everyone that ACT wants to punish and hurt criminals and the poor.

Jack notes that race baiting and hate has been stirred up and asks how the 4 have calmed things down.

Winston and David make pious noises.

Rawiri attacks them.


James won, Rawiri was second, David was third, Winston wandered off somewhere.

The panel afterwards is very dull.

Guyon Espiner’s hair is on meth.

Janet Wilson’s face was unbelievable.

Kris Faafoi is as useless as he was when he was a Cabinet Minister.

Jessica looked shocked at Janet’s face.

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