David claims no one can point to one thing that he has said or done that is race baiting.

Well allow me to clear that up.

When David released the unique code for Māori to be vaccinated, that was a public health vandalism stunt that he used to race bait Māori.

When he called Opotoki ‘Mogadishu‘, he was race baiting.

When he called gang member behaviour, ‘subhuman’, he was race baiting.

When he claims this…

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…he’s race baiting.

When he posted this on Instagram…

…he was race baiting.

When he wants to remove January 2nd as a State Holiday because of ‘Matariki’, he is race baiting!

When he does his pseudo one law for all wank, he is race baiting.

When he looks to amputate all the Ministries that aren’t male and white, he’s race baiting.

Wanting to push for a referendum that renegotiates the the Treaty and then forces it upon Māori is race baiting!

Look, most of the time he opens his mouth, it’s race baiting.

Pretending that ACT haven’t race baited is simply not true!

That’s been the issue and ACT have driven it!


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