Mayor Wayne Brown says campaign promises from National will leave Auckland worse off

Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown says campaign promises from the National Party would leave Auckland worse off.

On Tuesday morning, Brown let the Nats know he wants to take back control.

“Right at the moment, we’ve got an election where one of the likely inbound Governments has made some statements which is only going to make this worse actually,” Brown said.

He’s talking about National’s plan to scrap the regional fuel tax (RFT).

“Labour said Auckland needed the Auckland fuel tax to deliver light rail, that was back in 2017, they haven’t delivered on their major infrastructure projects while Aucklanders continue to pay more at the pump,” National’s transport spokesperson Simeon Brown said.

Mayor Brown claims there’s a problem with that because revenue from the RFT is committed to a $1.4 billion Auckland infrastructure project – the Eastern Busway – which will carry 30,000 people a day between Auckland’s southeast and Panmure station.

The section between Panmure and Pakuranga is finished, Pakuranga to Botany is next. It’ll also have 12km of separated cycle lanes. 

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“You make a statement: ‘oh, we’re going to get rid of the fuel tax’. Well, hang on, it is doing something. There was a statement it hasn’t been spend, it is committed,” the Mayor said.

Fellow Aucklanders, when Wayne Brown is telling you that National’s Policies will rob and cost Auckland, you should listen!

It’s easy to call off a petrol tax, but what happens to all the things that revenue pays for?

National are making promises without costing any of them out!

National want more privatisation of roads and less public transport funding and Wayne Brown, YOUR BOOMER KING YOU BOOMER AUCKLANDERS is telling you National will screw us!

There are so many reasons not to vote for National, this is just another one!

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