Commerce Commission investigating retirement villages

The Commerce Commission is launching an investigation into potential breaches of the Fair Trading Act by retirement villages.

The probe comes after a series of complaints, including from Consumer NZ and village residents, about what they claim are unfair contract clauses which can leave retirees significantly out of pocket.

A commission spokesperson on Wednesday confirmed it had received complaints relating to the industry and was beginning an investigation into whether there were any potential issues under the act.

I despise the retirement village industry.

It’s not just the business tactics that would make your average South American Drug Cartel blush, it’s the whole concept of shipping our elders off to a retirement village so they aren’t cluttering our family lifestyle.

I’ve always found the way we treat them as sickening, like they are a drag on our ability to consume so let’s remove them altogether.

We have to radically clamp down on the deplorable practices of these corporate retirement wankers who have enjoyed a deregulated industry for too long while actually finding affordable social housing for our elderly.

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But it goes deeper than that because it also demands a different approach from us to our elderly relatives.

We have an obligation to look after them to keep them in our social field and include them in our family lives.

Moving mum and dad off to a corporate babysitter who doesn’t give a shit about them is a cold way to live a life.


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