An elderly Pākeha man has been issued with a trespass notice by the Police after unlawfully entering Hana-Rawhiti Maipi-Clarke’s home this morning.

This incident is another in a string of attacks on the candidate within the past week.

“It is clear the incident today was politically motivated as the perpetrator is a well known advocate and campaigner for the National Party” said Te Pāti Māori President John Tamihere.

“There should be no doubt now in anyone’s mind that National and ACT’s race baiting has empowered and emboldened a dangerous type of human being who is hell bent on silencing Māori by targeting who they think is our most vulnerable”.

“The police have performed poorly by their failure to take these matters seriously and by refusing to investigate all incidents thoroughly. They could have taken criminal proceedings further by laying charges for unlawful entry knowing that Hana and her home has been a target. Instead, they chose not to.”

“We are left with no choice but to elevate this matter to the Commissioner.”

“If it was an Māori man, unlawfully entering the home of a young Pakeha woman’s home, it would be a different story.”

“We will not allow for any of our mokopuna to be treated as a target and we will not allow the Police to dismiss us or treat us any differently because we are brown. We will always be relentless in our fight for justice for our people and especially for our mokopuna.”

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Hana-Rawhiti is unavailable for comment as this matter is currently before the police.

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