Party Support Change from last month
National 35.9% ↑0.9
Labour 27.9% ↑1.4
ACT 9.1% ↓5.2
Green 10.6% ↓2.1
NZ First 6.9% ↑3.0
Māori 3.7% ↑0.8
Other 5.8% ↑1.1




To the breech dear friends!

Look to my coming at first light on the fifth day! At Dawn look to the East at Helms Deep!


We are one lone X-Wing Fighter against the dread of an ACT/National/NZF Death Star!

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We told you this was the outcome!

TDB made the call that the only shot was a Labour/Green minority with Supply and Confidence with the Māori Party.

There was no other way!

Every single day, new National, ACT or NZ First policy gets released that will cause social carnage + voters are now realising the extremism of the Rights venal selfishness!

Barely 3000 will gain the full Tax cuts National have ben spouting!

They are taking from the poor to give to rich landlords after receiving millions in real estate industry donations.

Voters feel embittered towards Labour because of their Covid response and that is utterly unfair.

Let’s remind everyone about the shared universal experience of Covid.

Jacinda and Labour’s leadership saved us from 20 000 dead!!!!!

New Zealand’s Covid-19 response saved 20,000 lives – research


You are angry at Jacinda and Labour for saving us from a mass death event, she prevented 20 000 dead!

Yes the rebuild has been painful, Labour’s sins were lack of vision and refusing to tax the rich to rebuild the infrastructure better, those are sins the Greens and Māori Party will rectify during negotiations!

We all sacrificed but the sacfrice was uneven in an unequal society.

Ramraids, Murders, street violence, domestic violence, these are all stresses of a bigger symptom and they require careful policy consider, not ZB talking point emotional knee jerks!

But let’s be crystal clear, Labour, Greens and Māori Party on a bad day are a million times more preferable than National, ACT and NZF on a good day!

Look at how has been positive and who has been negative! 63% of Labour’s Facebook posts included positive self-presentation. Meanwhile, just 5.5% of National’s posts are positive.’

The sheer scale of malice and spite ACT, National and NZ First intend to inject into our social policy is so vast it can’t be under stated!

I’ve never felt scared for NZ before, but the toxicity of National, ACT and NZ First combined make me fearful for this country.

Their desire to slash jobs, throw the poor onto the streets and punish everyone who isn’t them is so ugly and needless and most importantly, totally counter productive.

If the Left vote, the Left wins!

COME ON DAMN IT, stand and fight! We will not allow this malaise of petty right wing ignorance navigate our country for 3 years!

There is hope and that hope is worth fighting for!

We are a better people than National, ACT and NZ First think we are!


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