When ever my cynical black splinter of a heart wants to give up on NZ public journalism, John Campbell saves me from despair.

His investigation into the nightmare of slash has been some of the finest journalism of the year…

John Campbell on ‘heartfelt, damning and sometimes angry’ slash report

The Ministerial Inquiry into Land Use, more widely known as the “slash inquiry”, has released “Outrage to Optimism”, a heartfelt, damning, and sometimes angry report into the impacts of slash on Tairāwhiti and Wairoa.

…our under regulated forestry industry that sees so many workers killed and maimed for destructive environmental practices all for foreign owned forestry corporations while our roads groan under the extra weight from the trucking industry moving those logs has never been challenged until now.

We have allowed these Corporations to ruin our environment for their profit and it once again points to the lax regulatory environment so many cowboys operate in.

I’m glad John is holding their feet to the fire.


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