There is an enormous difference between ACT and the Māori Party and the rest of the political spectrum, and that is, when ACT and the Māori Party say it, they mean it.

When National promise something, they tend to u-turn within 24 hours.

Labour promise nothing so they can’t be held accountable for anything.

The Greens do believe the things they promise but are unfortunately so incompetent they couldn’t get laid in a monkey brothel wearing banana costumes.

When ACT however say they will spend a billion on a new prison empire, amputate 5 Ministry’s, kill off the Human Rights Commission, slash billions from welfare and rewrite the Treaty and force it upon Māori – oh you best believe ACT WILL do that!

Equally, when John Tamihere says he will tax the rich and remove GST from food, you best believe he’s going to do it.

It’s funny that Stuff have suddenly realised David Seymour is an incredibly smart and clever Politician. Their gushing review of his epic take down of the feral antivax Freedom Radio reads like someone just coming out of their echo bunker.

As I have been arguing for a couple of years now, David is a politician of enormous quality and the Left have to stop ignoring him and take him seriously because beyond the brilliance are policies so extreme that if implemented would cause enormous societal unrest.

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Seymour is dangerous because he’s a true believer.

I have argued this is the year ACT hit 15% – with performances like David’s, why would a right wing voter waste their vote on National?

Likewise, the cost of living crisis and the overtly cautious Labour policy response will win few friends from those doing it tough which is why the Māori Party policy to tax the rich and remove GST will resonate with far more voters than just Māori.

64% of beneficiaries are non-Māori and policy that makes their material well being better will appeal.

Both ACT and the Māori Party are polling higher than they ever have in their political history and that in of itself speaks to the Polarisation of NZ politics.

This election, the pressures built from the edges of the MMP spectrum will force the change, not the incrementalism of National and Labour.


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