So The Spinoff is little more than a woke social engineering project funded with public money for identity politic Millennials, and because it is public money, we are all allowed to critique it. To date, The Spinoff has managed to gain over $6million in public money so critiquing what it generates is actually a very necessary function of any critical media analysis of the NZ media landscape.

Last week they published another terrible piece from Toby Morris, I’m not sure why I detest his cartoons so much, I think it’s the weird pupils. Anyway, let’s go through this to appreciate the pure gasp inducing audacity of woke Millennial identity politics…

So far so good, yes, scapegoats have been used in human society since day dot. The desire to blame all of the community woes on one group of people is a cheap and easy means of glossing over deeper issues and it’s a well worn path throughout human history.

Yes, I just said that Toby.

Again, I think we all agree with Toby on these dynamics and how they play out, but then, then it suddenly takes an odd turn…

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…wait, what?

Look, yes of course society has in the past used ignorance and bigotry to scapegoat societal outsiders to blame for deeper problems, b-u-t is that why the Trans community have drawn criticism in NZ?

While I am sure there are homophobic and transphobic bigots in NZ who get their knickers in a. twist about Drag Queens reading stories to children, hasn’t the vast majority of the criticism been because of the manner the woke have advanced their cause with militant and aggressive cancellation tactics and of course the mob violence at the Posie Parker fiasco?

Ummmmmmmmm. Is that a picture of the Posie Parker protest?

Is Toby honestly drawing a picture of the Posie Parker mob violence while denouncing any evidence of violence by that community?

Only taxpayer media has this capacity for audacity.

Notice how everyone in the cartoon is happy and not violent, which wasn’t what happened eh?

I’ve always found it funny with suicide stats that they are overwhelmingly male and it is overwhelmingly a male problem, yet men seem to always get forgotten and pushed aside if a minority wants to use suicide stats to highlight their alienation.

Couldn’t the exact same logic being used here be applied to men as a whole as well?

Look, I’m digressing, my point is we should probably be kinder to everyone, anyway yes, it isn’t good that the trans community feel alienated in their own communities and of course they should be able to use public toilets, but those issues were eclipsed by the mob violence on the day of the protest that Toby is drawing.

I think you mean increased prejudice and confusion CAUSED BY the militant activism of the woke.


I think the guy with the beard wearing the green jacket was the non binary activist who punched that grandmother in the face.

The vast majority of Kiwis have no problem with the trans community, and will of course use whatever pronoun they chose and acknowledge whatever identity they want to be known as because that’s the basic courtesy we offer each other in a liberal progressive democracy.

The issue is when that inclusion becomes exclusion…

…the tiny percentage of Trans and non binary activists want to eclipse the rights and language of biological women and in that, there is legitimate criticism and counter arguments.

To frame this as irrational scapegoating hate is to misrepresent the entire argument, which is exactly what Toby is doing.

wait, wait, wait. Sure, those things happen and occur, but what the fuck has any of that got to do with criticism of online woke cancel culture bullying and the mob violence at the protest that shut down free speech?

This next panel is so hilariously audacious it inadvertently reflects every virtue signal The Spinoff espouses…

…can you believe that?

Clearly you are not here to debate the issues because every cartoon is a fun love filled peace fest!

It’s very important for the woke narrative to tell you the aggression you saw with your own eyes was joyful and loving…

…in a weird Orwellian 1984 torture session, the Woke are holding up 4 penis’s and asking you how many penis there are, and you say 4 and they scream ‘They aren’t penises they are vaginas’!

1984 – how many fingers am I holding up Winston?

I’m no fan of Parker, as far as I am concerned she is a Toxic Trans Troll fear grifter who loves this reaction and attention.

I believe our RNZ reviewer, Tim Selwyn, managed to do a devastating critique of the intellectual infrastructure of Posie Parker and highlight what a grifter she is.

However Parker is a manifestation of a cancel culture where these issues can’t be debated because of woke social media lynchings.

The goals of inclusion aren’t in debate, the hyper aggressive manner in which the debate has been progressed is what people find ugly and disagree with.

The woke call what happened at that protest ‘Pure Trans Joy’, but the wider community were shocked at the vigilantism by the identity politic allies. Watching state funded media ignore those issues to claim victimhood and the moral high ground is extraordinary and highlights their extremism.

We get it wokies, your self created identity trumps our shared humanity.


Can the woke please stop handing culture war ammunition to ACT now?



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