Outdoors Party reveals it’s joining forces with Brian Tamaki’s Freedoms NZ

The Outdoors Party says it’s joining Freedoms NZ, an umbrella political party started by controversial Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki last year.

In a statement on Saturday morning, Outdoors confirmed the party had decided to join the Freedoms NZ political movement “to inspire courage, respect for other views, common sense and aroha and reclaim the New Zealand we used to be so proud of”.

Speaking to Newshub Nation on Saturday, Peter Lineham, a retired Massey University history professor who in 2013 published a book on Tamaki, believed the Destiny Church leader sensed “this is a political moment… waiting for a different voice”.

To date the insane narcissism of all the Egos in the Antivax movement have been too fractured and selfish to work together.

This has been great because it has meant they were all doomed to perish sub 5%, but the danger was that the pressure from those Kiwis alienated and still incandescent with fury over the Covid mandates would force these egos to work together, and that is what has happened.

If they can get a boiled ham like Matt King to join his Democracy NZ brand to this cavalcade of circus freaks, God forbid they have enough momentum in the fractured Qanon realms to aim at 5%.

While Tamaki has been a waning political influence, his first $20000 tax free, pulling out of WHO, UN and transphobia all have far larger electoral pull than many may suspect.

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The electorate still alienated by the Covid Mandates is larger than we wish to admit.

This could trigger a very vengeful electorate.


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