What the Christ is Chris Luxon talking about?

Budget 2023: Christopher Luxon promises ‘taxpayers’ receipt’

National leader Christopher Luxon is promising to introduce a “taxpayers’ receipt” as one of three initiatives to promote fiscal discipline in a potential National Government.

Why on earth does he think this is an issue?

Food inflation is 12.4%, our infrastructure is gridlocked, we are being smashed by climate change storms, there is deep inequality and community wide poverty and National’s solution is they will give me a receipt to show how the Government has spent my money?

On what planet is this a policy solution?

Who is going to get off on this?

What fragment slither of the electorate will be thinking, ‘Finally, I get to see that receipt’?

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This is an anorak train spotter plane spotter beltway clique policy that appeals to approximately 27 voters.

How on earth could Luxon stumble from a terrible Newshub Poll that shows people think he’s out of touch by promoting policy that 99.7% of the population couldn’t give a flying fuck about?

Why highlight that Poll’s conclusion?

Put aside how pointless this is, how on earth will this be funded and delivered? When challenged on how this is actually going to be rolled out, Nicola Willis suggested AI could do it?

Newshub asked AI and AI said there was no way it could do it.

That’s where we’ve ended up, having to ask AI how too implement National Party policy.

Luxon is the gift that just keeps giving this election.


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