The Bish has been selling his status as a renter to counter criticism of National’s plan to give Landlords the right to evict at will, however University Media have caught the Bish out…

National MP Tells Twitter Porky amid Rental Policy Debate

National Party housing spokesperson Chris Bishop has been pointing to his status as a renter to defend the party’s recently announced housing policy, but his claims don’t seem to paint the full picture. 

When asked if he was renting off a family member on Twitter, Bishop claimed he was not. 

“Are you renting off yourself, a family member or a trust or company you have an interest in?” a Twitter user asked. Bishop responded “no on all counts”.

Despite this, after checking publicly available property records, Salient can confirm that the property is owned by his in-laws.

Green MP Julie Anne Genter was seemingly aware of the circumstances, attempting to call Bishop out by asking “is the house that you are renting owned by your inlaws?” on the same Twitter thread, but Bishop did not respond.

When questioned by Salient, Bishop confirmed his in-laws do, in fact, own the home. “My wife’s parents own the rental property that we have been renting,” he said.

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Despite this, Bishop maintains he wasn’t fibbing by denying the in-laws are his family members. “That’s not my family, […] I’m not related to them, only by marriage,” Bishop said.

…firstly, excellent journalism by Salient, secondly, oh come on Bish!

Pretending he isn’t renting off family because the family are in-laws is the sort of answer from politicians that voters despise!

He’s only playing up his status as a renter to try and calm down the outrage renters feel towards his Party’s desire to give Landlords the power of feudal lords!

Look how far he is prepared to conceal the truth to protect such an egregious policy.

He’s prepared to pretend his in-laws aren’t family to protect the right to throw renters onto the street, I mean you can’t claim the Bish ain’t prepared to say anything to give Landlords unrestrained power, he’s a true Stormtrooper for the cause!


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