While some wish to be apologists for the Green Party and defend their alienating middle class woke virtue signalling, the simple reality is that the Greens have repeatedly blundered strategically and are no longer the only option for progressive voters yearning for the Transformative Change sold to us in 2017 by Jacinda.

Did you all know that when Marama went into her negotiating meeting with Jacinda in 2020, all she had written down on her notepad were two words, ‘Why not’?

That was their ‘negotiating’ tactic, to get on their knees and beg ‘why not’.

By taking on the empty baubles of vacant Ministerships, all the Greens did was provide political camouflage to their political incrementalism as the planet burns!

Imagine if the Greens had spent the last 3 years OUTSIDE the shadow of the Government and had been able to attack Labour each week from the Left, they would be 15% right now!

The Greens are all lovely people, but aren’t ruthless enough in politics. Sure, misuse a pronoun, get Te Reo pronunciation wrong, suggest female comedians aren’t funny or claim Mommy Bloggers are over rated and they’ll slash your throat while they make you watch them hurt your pets, but when it come to the bear pit of politics, they have all the offensive capacity of slow growing moss.

They walked into this problem because their strategy team are clowns. This is why I fear they have lost all political relevancy EVEN IF they are in a position to finally influence Labour post 2023 election as a full and equal partner of a new Government, I have serious doubts they could do anything beyond basic bitch low hanging fruit identity politics tomfoolery.

I do not believe they have the intellectual capacity to game out a radical economic adaptation plan to prepare us for the economic recession, climate change and structural inequality.

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The current Green Party see the enemy as every heteronormative white cis male, they don’t see it as capitalism. The problem for the Greens is Patriarchy and Colonialism not neoliberal free market economics.

The Greens chose the baubles of vacant Ministerships over fighting a Labour Party that didn’t need them and then acted surprised when they get welded to that incrementalism and damned for it by the activists.

As the Greens stall in the Polls, the wider political question is will the class Left ride to the aid of the Greens in 2023 they way they did in 2017?

In 2017, as the implosion of Metiria’s confession of taking a benefit she wasn’t entitled to (without actually sorting it out and paying it) self mutilated the Greens, Chris Trotter and the Class Left launched a campaign to save the Greens by Party voting for them.

It was enough to keep them above the 5% threshold.

Will the Class Left do that for the Greens this election as the Greens barely mange to poll above their 2020 result.

I think the answer is no.

The naked reality for genuinely progressive voters concerned with the horrific inequalities caused by neoliberal capitalism now is to force the Labour Party into being actually Left wing by a minor Party forcing them to.

Labour is still hostage to the exact same neoliberal straightjacket that National is and if we want to get Chippy and Grant to pass Real Left legislation, it will be by forcing them to do it.

The problem with the Greens is that they are so feckless that they will fuck up any post negotiation and flip flop around. Their entire strategy of taking vacant baubles in the form of powerless Ministerships tells us they are so incompetent they couldn’t get laid in a monkey brothel wearing banana costumes.

The woke are great when it is a Vegan Militant Cycling Mummy Blogger Free-the-nipple rallies or mob violence using the thugs veto to shut down gender critical feminists in public spaces, but not so good at challenging the neoliberal hegemonic structure.

Chloe will win Auckland Central and they will probably take Wellington Central as well, so even if they slip below 5%, there will be Green political representation, so the Class Left don’t need to ride to the Greens this election because they are getting in anyway PLUS they just don’t deserve it.

If the Class Left want real change this election, they should consider voting for the Maori Party.

The difference between the Greens and John Tamihere, is that when John Tamihere says he will take GST off food and tax the rich, you fucking know he is.

When the Greens say they’ll do something, most voters laugh.

JT is going to roll into that room, kick arse and take names. The Greens will have another police of paper reading ‘why not – EXCLAMATION MARK!’

Vote Green and get a 6 month hui where they can’t work out if they are Arthur or Martha and another 12month hui after that to decide which pronouns to use. Vote Maori Party and JT will have GST off food and taxing the rich in the first 100 days.

If we on the Left want real change, not the woke garbage the Greens have spent 3 years harvesting and not the incremental slow death of Labour’s caution, then a vote for the Māori Party to remove GST off food and tax the rich would do more to help the poorest and generate the revenue we need for our social and physical infrastructure than anything else.

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