The difference between Chippy and Luxon is that Luxon wants to be your Boss Mate, the kind of emotionally draining relationship where you are always laughing at the Boss mates jokes and always doing what he wants in the weekend. It’s a relationship many workers are forced to play along with in NZs tiny pool and it’s one that we all willingly run a mile from if we have the option.

Chippy in the other hand just wants a sausage roll.

There’s  security in knowing that.

Put up with Boss Mate and his weekend workathons or throw Chippy a sausage roll.

Chippy has the greatest of NZ values, basic dorky competency while remaining affable.

Verity Johnson asks, Why doesn’t Luxon harness Auckland rage? and it’s because while there is a smouldering resentment towards Labour over that second Covid lockdown, it hasn’t transferred into support for Luxon or all the crazy shit National are promising and will come alongside ACT.

Chippy is the family Labrador where as Luxon is a territorial high maintenance lap dog barking at every passing car.

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