This current furore over the mishandling of a Kiwi at Miami Zoo is like ‘Paddy Gower Has Issues’ in that it manages to sum up all that is wrong in current affairs as serious debate consistently gets sacrificed on the altar of lite weight News infotainment.

Mishandle a literal Kiwi at Miami Zoo? NZ loses its mind!

‘Huge mistake’ – Miami zoo cancels kiwi encounters after outcry over treatment

Kiwi encounters at Zoo Miami have been cancelled after disturbing footage emerged of visitors handling the bird under bright lights.

In the video the zoo posted to social media, visitors surrounded the kiwi as he sat on a table under bright lights, despite being a nocturnal creature.

Mishandle figurative Kiwis like the beneficiaries we have kettled into unsafe motels? No one gives a fuck!

Last year we blew a billion on kettling beneficiaries into these unsafe Motel environments while stifling State House building so the private landlord market can continue extracting a $1.5billion accommodation subsidy directly from the Government to offset the State’s lacklustre State House building program!

This level of poverty and abdication of social responsibility is a political choice but a Kiwi being petted past its bedtime is what we  chose to focus on.

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We are a juvenile low imagination horizon culture with all the maturity of a can of day old coke.



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