Clare Nowland: Woman, 95, dies week after being tasered by police in Australia

A 95-year-old woman who was allegedly tasered by a police officer in her Australian care home, died in hospital on Wednesday, the New South Wales police force said.

Clare Nowland, who had dementia, was tasered after staff found her holding a knife outside her room in the centre in Cooma in southeastern Australia on Wednesday last week, police said at the time.

The force launched an investigation and on Wednesday said a senior constable would appear in court next week to face charges of recklessly causing grievous bodily harm, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and common assault.

Family of Kiwi man killed by police in US get $30 million settlement

The parents of a 22-year-old New Zealand-born man killed by a sheriff’s deputy in Colorado while suffering a mental health crisis will get $30 million NZD from government state and local agencies and changes to how officers are trained, under a settlement announced today.

In both of these needless, senseless and tragic murders, Police in both countries exhibited a bizarre ‘Respect My Authority Kulture’ where mere disobedience is the threshold where violence leading to death is perfectly acceptable.

Police in both countries showed that disobedience was the threshold for extreme force rather than patience and negotiation and it is an important point to remember when the predictable call comes this election to arm our Police.

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Our poorly trained Police.

Mere disobedience doesn’t justify maximum violence from the State, arm the Police and watch how quickly that threshold immediately becomes the new baseline action by Cops.

An innocent kid caught in a car accident having a panic attack should never have been shot dead by Police! A 95 year old dementia grandma with a walking frame and a knife should never have been tasered!

As our personal anger and resentment (exacerbated by social media hate algorithms) unite us in a perpetual collective hostility towards one another, our thirst for vengeance meted out to whomever is this weeks enemy grows to existential crisis levels.

We should be arming our Police with the skills to negotiate those hostilities and challenges rather than empowering them with weaponry and firepower to beat it into submission.


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