How National think people will fight over pronouns if the Green Party takes over.

Oh this is just too beautiful for words.

National left their specs for their AI attack adverts online with the generator and TVNZ found them…

Revealed: National’s rejected AI attack ads

National has acknowledged tasking an AI generator with creating political attack ads, but not all of its work appears to have made the cut.

It was revealed on Tuesday that the party had used generative AI tools to produce realistic-looking photos for social media attack ads on Labour.

Speaking to Breakfast yesterday, Luxon said there was little difference between prompting an online service to make an image and purchasing a stock photo that used actors to portray scenarios.

One of those online AI services, Midjourney, has an accessible log of publicly generated images previously made by users. The service runs on Discord, a social messaging platform, and requires a paid subscription to use (around NZ$16).

1News found two of National’s AI-generated images on the platform and several dozen others, which appear to be unused iterations generated in the past few weeks.

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An account with the name “TG Creative”, prompted Midjourney to generate images of Vin Diesel that were later used in a National Party meme, alongside a picture of a woman peering out her home at night — which would later be used in an attack ad on crime.

Several of the unused images appear to relate to policy areas that National has previously criticised the Government on — including for violent crime, cost of living, health, and education.

…clearly another ‘emotional junior staff member’ has left the prompts and images public and TVNZ has found them, which is hilarious because what these discarded images tell us about how National sees modern life in New Zealand is both hilarious and terrifying.


In this image, National reveal how they believe the inquiry into the Supermarket duopoly will impact supply chains. Note the low wattage soft light generated by the pussy LED bulbs!


In this image, National reveal how they believe heteronormative white cis males will fight one another in the street over the misuse of pronouns. “You misgendered my trans friend” violence is expected to peak if the Greens are in power.


In this image, National reveal how heteronormative white cis males won’t be out dating because they will be frightened of being accused of rape if Labour retain the Government benches.


In this image, National reveal how Becky with the good hair will react hearing that the Māori Party will be required for supply and confidence arrangements with a Labour led minority Government.


In this image, National reveal how local dairys will fall into burning Mad Max Apocalypse nightmare scenarios if NZ slows mass immigration of exploited migrant workers. Note how surprised each of the above white males are that they have to wait to be served. They have a ‘how-long-wil-this-take’ stance pose.


In this image, National reveal how Christopher Luxon believes Lucifer’s demons from Hell will start delivering door to door courier packages if the Fair Pay Agreements remain in place allowing workers to unionise. Apparently Chris’s ‘demons from hell’ messaging didn’t play well with the focus groups, but he was insistent that it remains as a core part of National Party policy.


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