National were always going to pull the plug on the urban intensification deal.

1 – Because Luxon u-turns on everything.

2 – Because it was Labour’s Professional Managerial Class who stitched the deal together and sold it on The Spinoff

If it was National’s Professional Managerial Class who had stitched the urban intensification deal together it would stand, they didn’t so it won’t.

There Bish is on Q+A trying to clean up the mess of National’s u-turn and is pretending National somehow have some credibility on Housing.

Look, I’m the first to spit one Labour over their pathetic State House build and joke affordability, but National have way less credibility on Housing than Labour’s weak record.

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The only reason Labour are having such problems with Housing is because of National’s total refusal to acknowledge a Housing crisis for 9 years in power!

The Bish of course claimed he had support from Tenancy Groups over National’s desire to give Landlords the right to throw people out onto the streets at will, turns out the Bish lied and no one could find any Tenancy Rights Group who told him giving Landlords the right to throw renters out onto the streets was good for renters!

The Bish then told everyone he understood the pain of being a renter because he was renter, the Bish was then asked if he was renting from a family, the Bish said no, and then it turned out he was renting from his in-laws and the Bish argued in-laws weren’t family.

National built the Housing crisis we are suffering from, they hate renters and are the political expression of Landlords. They have zero credibility on building houses, under Key they saw kids living in cars and threw state tenants out onto the street in the middle of a homelessness crisis using false meth tests that cost $100million!

Allowing National back into power to solve the legacy problems they created is like allowing an alcoholic to manage a bar!

National love landlords and hate renters, they are an arsonist begging to be a firefighter.



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