The Commerce Commission is finally open to investigating the Drainage industry in NZ.

Commerce Commission Investigators are now following up on how market dynamics are being manipulated by suppliers to ensure they dominate the price and keep competitors out.

Market leaders are using their Market/Channel Power to block smaller independent companies from being able to compete in the market by restricting their ability to purchase certain products like PVC Pipe so that the smaller companies can’t put in a comprehensive quote for larger jobs as they cant include the PVC Pipe which is an important part of the Drainage material required to prepare subdivisions!

There are political solutions that could see independent companies being given preference when applying for State work contracts, but the Commerce Commission needs to investigate so we understand the additional costs that are plaguing

We now know from the data that we are seeing inflation generated not from wage rises but price gouging!

Housing costs are a nightmare, if we are being price gouged by plumbing, we need that rectified and regulated!

I’m not looking for Socialism from Labour anymore, just basic regulated Capitalism.


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