More than half of Kiwis want a tax cut, more than a third don’t, new poll reveals

More than half of voters believe the time is ripe for tax cuts, while more than a third disagree, according to a 1News Kantar Public poll.

The poll, conducted from May 20 to May 24, asked; “Is now the right time to introduce tax cuts in New Zealand?”

Fifty-two per cent of the 1002 respondents replied “yes,” 35 per cent said “no,” while the remaining respondents remained silent.

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has ruled out any possibility of introducing a capital gains tax, wealth tax or any other significant tax changes before the election.

OF COURSE Kiwi workers deserve a tax cut!

Thanks to 30 years of de-unionised neoliberalism, we are welded to a low wage economy that requires migrant worker exploitation to work.

This has depressed wages and as we see right now, it is not wage inflation that is causing the current spike of inflation, it is price gouging by companies that are driving up wages!

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So of course Kiwis deserve a tax cut, but it’s how we fund that tax cut while funding critical services that is the political issue.

We have a under regulated capitalism that rigs the game for the rich, we know this because that’s what IRD told us!

Bernard Hickey makes the point that if we did have a functioning tax system with a wealth tax we have generated $200Billion in extra resourcing!

The political agenda of the Right is to constantly amputate the State ability to raise revenue so that the State has no resources to redistribute in the first place!

Nationals 3 biggest donors (Hart, Mowbray and Bolton) have a combined net worth of 15 billion! The Bottom 50% of NZ has 23 billion.

The top 5% of NZers own roughly 50% of NZs wealth, while the bottom 50% of NZers own a miserable 5%!

Are those stats that live up to the egalitarian dream of NZ?

We need to remove the tax yoke from workers and put it on the rich pricks who have rigged NZ Capitalism in their favour.

The Financial Transaction Tax is that solution and would raise so much revenue we could lower GST AND make the first $10 000 tax free!

THAT’S how you get a tax cut!

Tax the rich, fund the social and physical infrastructure AND lower the tax paid by the poor!


There are 14 Billionaires in NZ + 3118 ultra-high net worth individuals with over $50million each, why not start start with them, then move onto the Banks, then the Property Speculators, the Climate Change polluters and big industry to pay their fair share before making workers pay more tax!

The Green Party wealth tax will hit too many home owner occupiers who are just hard working kiwis, a Financial Transaction Tax on the other hand hurts the speculators the hardest.

The Māori Party are talking about a Financial Transaction Tax this election, I look forward to their announcement on this.

If we want to rebuild our social infrastructure and physical infrastructure, we need more revenue and that revenue shouldn’t come from workers, it should come from the speculators.

We need to be kinder to individuals and crueller to corporations.


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