Blessed Be The National Party Fruit

Oh for the love of Christ (literally, figuratively and metaphorically), Luxon just can’t help but blunder into minefields can he?

The latest blunder is just unsurvivable in my opinion.

He’s refusing to fund women’s contraception because you know, ‘God’.

Election 2023: National to make women pay fee for contraception prescription if elected

The National Party says it will reintroduce the fee for contraception prescriptions if it wins the election.

Leader Christopher Luxon told Newshub on Wednesday he was not looking at a carve out for those who need regular contraception prescriptions. They would return to paying the $5 fee.

“We don’t want to see any change … We are making sure we can help with people who desperately need help with their prescription charges. We want a targeted approach.”

He did not consider people needing regular contraception prescriptions filled as having “high medical needs”.

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“What we’re trying to say is we’re targeting it really clearly to people who are in desperate need. And if people are in that criteria and they actually need help and support to do that then we should definitely support them doing that.”

When Newshub asked Luxon why people needing contraception every month wasn’t a high medical need, he said: “I’m just trying to say from a prescriptions point of view we’re taking a very simple policy and say ‘let’s target it to people who most need help getting support in actually paying for these bills’.

“We don’t want people not able to take medicine, take the drugs that they actually desperately need to get hold of.”

Now he’s not stupid enough to say directly he won’t fund women’s contraception because of God, but that sure as hell is the insinuation everyone can take!

Why the hell penalise women for getting free contraception prescriptions if it isn’t some bullshit Christian morality play by Luxon personally.

If you look at the swing voter National needs to win over, 50+ white women with tertiary education, they sure as fuck won’t tolerate his morality interfering with their contraception!

It’s a bewilderingly stupid move by Luxon that just rubs every swing voter he needs to win over the wrong way.

I don’t think he can survive the ramifications of this latest blunder.



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