Simon O’Connor denies ‘mother and father’ comment homophobic as Kiri Allan hits out

National MP Simon O’Connor says a comment during a debate about child support stating raising a child was the responsibility of the “mother and father” – which he repeated – was not intended to be homophobic and exclude same-sex couples.

He told the Herald it was aimed at men and fathers who weren’t paying child support and called any criticism a “very strange interpretation”, while also pointing out he supports many same-sex couples with children in his own electorate.

National leader Christopher Luxon has also weighed in, saying O’Connor’s speech, which came during a debate about a child support law, was merely targeting “deadbeat dads”.

Oh it’s a funny old world isn’t it?

Insinuate shade thrown at Gay Parents = end of western civilisation but crap on fathers = sweet as bro!

What this National Party Christian dickhead of an MP was trying to do with his child support grandstanding was take a shit on solo fathers.

As a father who spent 5 excruciating and emotionally damaging years in the Family court trying to gain access to my daughter, I tend to view politicians shitting on solo fathers trying to navigate the hostile child support and Family Court system for fathers with the same contempt I have towards cancer, bigotry and Republicans.

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The unfair manner in which child support is structured is always championed by the feminists who demand more egregious penalties against solo fathers, while the true damage the Family Court and Child Support mechanisms cause solo fathers is always hushed up and never discussed…

It was a note that should have sent a chill through Family Court judges and the lawyers that represent separated parents.

The note encompassed *Sam’s last thoughts, and the sense of hopelessness he felt about a system that enabled children to become estranged from a parent.

“Fix the Family Court,” Sam wrote.

Increasingly overwhelmed by a court system that could suspend access to his 4-year-old son without any evidence that it was required, Sam died by suicide, in his Auckland sleep-out, some time in the first two days of June 2019.

…Sam, like many solo fathers, chose suicide rather than the corrupt and unfair Family Court system and child support system.

We are a nation of fatherless children raised by angry solo mothers, that is situation that is forever championed, but the solo fathers trying their best to provide for their kids are constantly a political punching bag and their interests are always ignored by a system that drives fathers away.

That this has become an argument about insulting gay parents when it was always about shitting on solo fathers is hilarious and proves the point I’m making.


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