There is so much going on in this incredible piece of journalism by Guyon Espiner you don’t even know where to begin…

‘Astonishment’ at lobbyists advising Transparency International on ethics and rules of their own industry

Transparency International has set up a secret group of lobbyists to provide advice on improving ethics in the lobbying industry – sparking claims it is being captured by the forces it seeks to contain.

Questions are also being raised about whether the open government and anti-corruption watchdog is compromised by its sources of funding and support.

Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) receives funding from several government sources, including the clandestine state intelligence agencies the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) and the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB).

TINZ, a registered charity, also receives business support from a number of big consultancy firms including KPMG, Deloitte and PWC.

Transparency International plays a key role in shaping perceptions of New Zealand’s international reputation, as its corruption index consistently ranks New Zealand as one of the least corrupt countries.

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Business consultant Ernie Newman, who himself worked as a lobbyist in the grocery and telecommunications sectors, said he severed ties with TINZ over its lobbying strategy.

Newman first approached TINZ in May after Labour MP Kris Faafoi joined a lobbying firm within weeks of leaving Cabinet, underscoring his concern at the revolving door between the Beehive and the lobbying industry.

Unlike most of the developed world, lobbying is unregulated in New Zealand.

There are no obligations on lobbying firms to register or to disclose their clients and no stand down periods for government officials becoming lobbyists or lobbyists taking government jobs.

TINZ offered Newman a role as a ‘member with delegated authority’ – which allows experts to share their knowledge and represent TINZ at forums.

But he was then told that would mean joining a group of lobbyists who would be providing expert advice to TINZ – lobbyists that TINZ refuses to name.

“My initial reaction is astonishment that TINZ would rely on a team of 4-5 lobbyists to lead its response on such a crucial issue,” Newman wrote in an email to TINZ on 30 May.

“Consulting them is fine but putting them in charge is altogether different – a bit like the police recruiting gang members to determine new rules on pursuit of fleeing drivers.”

He declined to join the group and told TINZ that, “as an organisation you have been caught in a culture of complacency and captured by the very system you are charged with overseeing.”

In an interview with RNZ, Newman said TINZ was not doing its job.

“I think they have been sucked into the very system – captured by the very system – they are there to protect the public from and I think they are doing New Zealand a great disservice by continuing to tell everyone that we are a relatively uncorrupt country. I don’t believe we are anymore.”

He said it was vital TINZ was strong and independent because lobbying and consultancy firms had taken over much of the work that career public servants used to do.

“We have actually handed over, to a large extent, the soul of the New Zealand government machine to the private sector without putting any apparent constraints around them, how they share information and how conflicted they may become.”

A ‘conversation’ with lobbyists

TINZ CEO Julie Haggie said the charity was simply talking to lobbyists about how a code of conduct for the industry might work.

“Why wouldn’t you have a conversation with lobbyists about what they think would work for them? They’re the ones who know the lobbying sector best.”

She would not say who the lobbyists were.

“I’m not going to tell you. It’s not that I don’t want to say it but I’m not going to put people up to be shut down by other people.”

Haggie also rejected the idea that TINZ was compromised by its funding.

She said government agencies funding TINZ had an interest in combating corruption.

“GCSB and NZSIS have a strong interest in fighting corruption – that is one of their primary issues, the things that they do.”

TINZ received $30,000 a year from the SIS and GCSB (reduced to $15,000 from SIS this year), $25,000 from police and $20,000 from Inland Revenue.

It receives $250,000 from a three-year contract with the Ministry of Justice to promote transparency and good governance and to fight corruption.

The Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment, the Department of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Public Service Commission also contribute to that fund.

Haggie said business support was largely in the form of corporates allowing TINZ to use meeting rooms, providing food and drinks and pro bono legal advice.

“Those companies, as well as working in the lobbying space, like Deloitte and KPMG, are also working in the anti-corruption space,” she said.

“KPMG runs a report on fraud analysis and they have a lot of expertise in the area. A lot of them are working in compliance around anti-money laundering and a lot of them do company law and so they have a good deal of knowledge.”




Let’s try and unpick everything that is going on here because what has been revealed and alleged is gasp inducing in its audacity!

These business ethics would make your average South American Cartel blush!

Let me get this straight, Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) receives money from the NZ Deep State to tell everyone internationally that we are the least corrupt country on the planet WHILE they host a secret panel of Professional Managerial Class Corporate Consultants who are secretly plotting ways to circumvent the new restrictions on Corporate Consultants???

And it has been ‘audited’ by KPMG who were busted for being corrupt???

KPMG to be fined £14m for forging documents over Carillion audit

KPMG will pay one of the largest fines in UK audit history, after former staff forged documents and misled the regulator over audits for companies including the collapsed outsourcer Carillion.

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) – which regulates accountants – confirmed the £14.4m settlement at a London tribunal hearing on Thursday, and said KPMG would also face a “severe reprimand” over the “extremely serious” misconduct related to employees’ false representations to the watchdog.

What the fuck is this?

As the whistleblower points out…

“Consulting them is fine but putting them in charge is altogether different – a bit like the police recruiting gang members to determine new rules on pursuit of fleeing drivers.”

…how on earth can an Organisation with deep ties to the NZ Deep State, who are tasked as a propaganda tool to tell the world we are the least corrupt, also have a secret panel working to side step the new consultant regulations which has been ‘audited’ by an organisation busted for corruption?

Corporations joining with the Deep State to proclaim we are the least corrupt country in the world while they secretly plot to further their influence on policy is a convergence of unchecked power that reveals the true nervous system of capitalist domination in this country.

This may well be the most important political story of the year, yet Kiri drink driving is the dominant headline.


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