Oh watch National being triggered little snowflakes over the latest blunder Luxon has wandered into.

Yes, Labour are hypocrites for doing sweet fuck all for 6 years, but they have removed prescription fees, and Luxon being his usual Luxon self just rules out exempting women for contraception prescription charges because Luxon is clueless and doesn’t understand the political ramifications AND BECAUSE Luxon is an ultra right wing Christian who doesn’t believe in contraception in the first place!

THAT’S WHY the Gilead memes and Handmaid’s Tale references are perfectly legitimate here BECAUSE Luxon is an ultra right wing Christian and the only reason National are screaming foul is because THEY understand the bomb Luxon just detonated!

He’s just not very good at this.

He specifically ruled out women getting contraception prescription costs covered and drawing his conservative evangelical religious values as the conclusion why he’s decided that is perfectly legitimate!

Again, Labour – hypocrites for doing nothing for 6 years, but that doesn’t take away from the truth that what Luxon accidentally revealed about his conservative religious decision making values isn’t relevant going into the election!

If you look at the swing voter National needs to win over, 50+ white women with tertiary education, they sure as fuck won’t tolerate his morality interfering with a contraception issue that is welded onto their identity!

It’s a bewilderingly stupid move by Luxon that just rubs every swing voter he needs to win over the wrong way.

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I don’t think he can survive the ramifications of this latest blunder, he’s self mutilated himself with the very group he needs to win over!

The real winner here (other than people not having to pay for their prescription costs) will be Brooke van Velden in her drive to win Tamaki from God Boy Simon O’Conner.

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