King’s Birthday Honours: Jacinda Ardern receives one of the highest accolades

Nicky Hager awarded ONZM for his investigative journalism

Jacinda deserves this, but it’s an odd Award.

She has been made a Dame for Services to the State, where she really deserves it for Services to New Zealand, which Camilla was oddly given.

The courage of her leadership during a once in a century pandemic and the unholy hate vomited at her in the end by an increasingly unhinged Right Wing Troll Army was a shameful response by angry, ignorant and malicious people.

It is also great to see Nicky Hager being awarded for Investigative Journalism.

Nicky does more journalism is a single book than most mainstream Journalists achieve in a year.

His body of work highlighting how the State hides its abuses of Power and the machinations of the Right has been denounced by the Right who hate him. Knowing his award (and Jacinda’s) will drive the Right Wing Troll Army nuts is the best King Birthday present ever!

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