Fears of rental accommodation scarcity as a third of landlords contemplate selling up

There are fears rental accommodation could become scarce with a survey showing a third of landlords are thinking of selling up.

Tax changes, rising interest rates and costs related to the healthy home standards have already seen some investors exit the market.

Hurry up and sell then you clowns so the glut of houses on the market all at once finally brings the prices down so renters can buy the houses themselves!

Look at the top 5 donors of the National Party for the 2023 election…

Graeme Hart: $250,000

Murray Bolton: $250,000

Nick Mowbray: $250,000

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Bayley’s Real Estate: $164,600

Brendan and Jo Lindsay: $130,000

…this is the Billionaire class and real estate pimps, the 1% richest who are pumping millions into the National Party to ensure their interests are protected and wealth taxes never happen.

The Real Estate Industry Pimps are now promising all those middle class property speculators that their asset will boom 20% BUT ONLY IF National win!

There is a class war happening right in front of our eyes and we don’t have the political vocabulary to describe it because the Left are now dominated by identity politics and can only see things through the lens of identity rather than class.

ANZ (led by former National Party Leader John Key) says House prices will boom if National win and National want to allow landlords to throw domestic tenants out for those wealthier and more exploitable 100000 migrant workers about to flood NZs groaning infrastructure.

The threats and promises these Real Estate Pimps are making gives you an insight into how greedy and venal the industry is and by voting in National and ACT, the Landlords win.


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