Crazy Time Game by Evolution Gaming may be characterized by various multipliers, several bonus games, wheels of fate  and crazy gambling. This live game incorporates features from augmented reality, computer games, one-armed bandit simulators, and multipliers. Casino gaming turns become profitable and enjoyable at the same time.

Basic Laws

In Crazy Time bets can be accepted for 15 seconds. From 0.1 to 5000 coins are at stake. Four bonus rounds and numbers are both open for wagering. A croupier begins the Wheel of Fortune with 54 cells of various sizes once everyone has finished their time. The upper panel appears simultaneously with the Wheel as it moves.

The Top Spin multiplier will be applied to a customer’s winning wager if they choose the balance. The bonus draw will start if the user placed a wager on the bonus round. Learn the key guidelines in the Crazy Time review to play fairly and prevail in the game.

Game Concept

Choose the number you want to be called or the bonus slot you think the stopper will rest on. You will win the prize or sum shown there if the wheel stops spinning at the number you have selected.

The benefits for the most common numbers are:

If the players choose to gamble on the bonus slots, they will take part in the bonus rounds. The gimmick is that you only have 10 seconds to deposit a stake on any slot. If a wager is not made within this period, the players will begin the following round in the Crazy period watch mode.

The Basic Methods

To get the most enjoyment out of the game, choose the right Crazy Time strategy and helpful advice.

  • Place modest wagers to get a feel for the game and the regulations without running the risk of losing larger quantities of money. Only increase your bet when you fully comprehend how Crazy Time works.
  • When you are comfortable with the basic principles,  start betting on some of the bonus games by dividing your bets across various slots. The players’ chances of finding the winning spot are increased by doing this.
  • Keep an eye out bonus for bonus multipliers as they might enhance the stakes of a bonus game or boost the overall playout on a play. Additionally, multipliers could provide more promotions.
  • The No. 1 spot on the Crazy Time wheel has the highest odds of winning since there are more instances there. 
  • Set spending restrictions to prevent yourself from going over your budget.

Keep in mind that various bets have varied odds, as a result, have different possibilities of winning. The Crazy Time Bonus Game wager, for example, has the lowest chance of winning because the wheel only contains one place.

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Bonus Round Requirements

There are up to 8 spots that are available for players to wager to win the prizes.

Crazy Time

Blue, green, and blue crackers are available to players. The profits might be up to 20 times the original wager. The clapper has a multiplier “hidden” inside of it.


Many internet casinos provide pachinko (Japanese slot machines). The dealer pushes the ball through the barrier. The multiplier bet will be determined by the number in the projectile stopping area.

Coin Flip

The knowledgeable dealer will flip a coin to determine how much the wager will be raised.

Cash Search

The club’s visitor selects one of the 108 multipliers buried in the bonus. After the cannon fires, the wins are displayed in vibrant fashion. The 1 spot has the lowest payoff of 1:1 and the maximum number of wheel occurrences (21), making it the safest wager.

How to Win in a Crazy Time

In the main game, there are two methods to triumph:

  • You win if a flapper lands on the chosen number. The amount that players receive when they spin in the top slot is multiplied by the wins.
  • When the bonus game starts. Even if the latter does not provide immediate benefits, players can continue on to the game’s following stage, which does.

As soon as the clapper stops, the bonus game begins. A live animation shows the progression through several stages.

Crazy Time is a unique game played by players all around the world, don’t miss the chance of winning at

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