Out of no where, the Department of Internal Affairs launches a discussion document for a Media Ministry of Truth which will allow vulnerable peoples (as defined by the Media Ministry of Truth) to complain about any Media Network (including email lists) who publish content that offends them and the Media Ministry of Truth will compel the Media Network to show them a safety plan to allow complaints and if the Media Ministry of Truth is not happy with your safety plan, you can be fined.

Since 2013, there have been over 405 workplace deaths in NZ.
There are only 550 Worksafe Staff for a working population of 448 000.

There are only 37 inspectors of rental properties for 300 000 terrible rentals.

There are only 82 labour inspectorates who are supposed to police hundreds of thousands of migrant worker exploitations

And IRD highlighted last month how rigged our capitalism is for the rich.

If only Labour regulated capitalism the way they want to regulate Free Speech!

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