Foodstuffs boss says crime hitting supermarkets is ‘not acceptable’ amid spike in thefts

Foodstuffs’ boss says the spike in retail crime, which has seen brazen offenders assaulting staff members, is “not acceptable” and is calling for change.

Data collected from New World, PAK’nSAVE and Four Square stores, released on Wednesday, found a 38.2 percent increase in retail crime between February and April this year – an average of 37 crimes a day.

Foodstuffs North Island chief executive Chris Quin said store owners have “never seen retail crime at these levels”.

“It’s an extremely concerning trend and it’s unacceptable.”

The Supermarkets who are price gouging Kiwis and driving up the cost of living inflation, have the audacity to complain about the shoplifting crime wave that is now hitting them!

It’s like a Drug Cartel complaining about a lack of courtesy!

I am not going to get angry at hungry desperate people stealing from Supermarkets!

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These very same Supermarkets who have used their market duopoly position to make obscene profit margins!

These very same Supermarkets who are so manipulative and cruel with their unchecked power that they can screw over producers of food!

These very same Supermarkets who constantly lie and cheat customers!

Look, I’m not defending nor justifying any violence towards Staff members at Supermarkets but these thefts are not occurring in a vacuum eh?

The highest food inflation prices for 30 years alongside the desperation caused by the unequal sacrifice of Covid has left an enormous amount of Kiwis behind and that is why we are seeing a spike in Supermarket thefts.

We need urgent reform of the Supermarket duopoly to brings prices down.

We do not need to militarise our Supermarkets!


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