Trooping the Colour is an annual event held in June to commemorate the official birthday of the reigning British monarch, which is currently King Charles III turning 75. This is a spectacular display of British tradition, military prowess, and national pride, attracting attention and admiration from people within the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

In an exciting announcement confirmed by the press release issued by the Royal Family in December, the parade will take place on June 17. More than 1,400 fully trained soldiers will be involved, alongside 200 horses, 400 musicians and of course, King Charles will be in attendance and take the royal salute.


King’s Month Promo

While the nation prepares to honor King Charles III’s official birthday, another celebration is brewing in New Zealand. Mearth New Zealand electric scooters, the newest branch of Mearth Australia, the Pioneer in Australian Electric Scooters, has announced an exclusive King’s Month Promo to coincide with this special occasion. The promo mechanics are as follows:



  • Visit the official Mearth New Zealand website.
  • Choose the best-selling Mearth long-range electric scooter.
  • Use the code KING75 to automatically receive a $75 discount.
  • The $75 discount will be applied directly to the total amount due at checkout.


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The promo is not valid in conjunction with any other promos or discounts.

The promo is valid for all New Zealand residents only.

The promo period is valid until June 2023 only.

Other terms and conditions may apply.


Get to Know the Mearth RS E-Scooter

Mearth RS stands for Racing Sport, because it is the brand’s ultimate long-range e-scooter, specially made for the riders who want to run the world, literally and figuratively–just like the king who literally runs an empire!

The Mearth RS Series has come a long way with the initial development early in July 2021 and was launched later in September 2021.

While every Mearth model is made with high-quality, locally-designed components, the Mearth RS e-scooter latest 2023 version has upgrades of the following: 

  • New red wheels for easy distinction/recognition
  • New and enhanced, stronger folding mechanism for better stability — refined through Mearth’s manufacturing molding process.
  • New and improved tail lights, now integrated into the rear step on the brake, for stronger resistance to damage.
  • New Sinewave Controller for smoother, efficient power delivery
  • New brushless 500W motor with 8% more efficient yet same power consumption

And when it comes to choosing the best electric scooter, Mearth New Zealand is here to help you decide why the Mearth RS is the best choice you’ll make when looking for a long-range travel buddy.

Mearth RS 2023 in Definition


The dimensions, when opened is 1110*500*1230 MM and when closed is 1110*500*540 MM. This way, it is compact, easily and securely foldable and even portable for the able-bodied, weighing about 23 kg. It also only takes seconds to fold the Mearth RS 2023 electric scooter for the experienced riders–tried and tested! It really is as simple as folding and snapping it down to the lock stem. For the beginners, you’ll be an expert in no time! 

The durable frame is built with magnesium alloy, one of the lightest yet strongest metals. It can possibly be carried around and conveniently stored.


Hot Swappable Batteries come in the definition of “removing components from or plugging them into a system while the power remains switched on. This means that parts can be changed without shutting down or rebooting a system.”


Hot-swappable lithium-ion batteries with a charging time of 8-9 hours with 36V / 15.6 Ah batteries is what the Mearth RS 2023 electric scooter has! These batteries also come with six intelligent protection mechanisms: Short-circuit, over-current, double-over-charge, double-over-discharge, temperature anomaly, and under-voltage (automatic sleep) protection. Best of all, you can now carry multiple lightweight batteries, swap them quickly and easily for your daily unstoppable trips!



The all-new Mearth RS 2023 e-scooter boasts of 8% more efficiency yet same power consumption. It  carries a 500W brushless motor, it is powerful and long-standing and it has a range as far as 65 km. The RS was definitely built to have power and endurance, capable to succeed over various terrains, complicated obstacles and even rough conditions.

The Mearth RS is a performance electric scooter with a maximum hill climb of 25% that empowers you to travel even uphill. There’s no reason to be limited. Ride your way to the top!


The Mearth RS is built with 10” pneumatic tyres. They have front and rear vacuum explosion-proof tyres made of memory gel vacuum tires, capable of passing through most urban roads and deceleration belts easily.

This heavy-duty e-scooter has proven itself to be wear-resistant against almost all odds, be it cement, uneven roads, mud, bricks and gravel road riding, all thanks to the highly resistant rubber it has. This also makes it non-slip, anti-skid and shock–absorbing, offering a comfortable ride that prevents leaks and damages to the tyres. 


This reliable electric scooter is only as reliable as its disc brake system that prevents accidents, securely made for added protection because we at Mearth value life. We show our intentions in the way our e-scooters are made with quality and safety. Mearth has developed safe riding and efficient braking with a front and rear disc brake, anti-lock brake, rear foot brake and double hand grip brake. Most of all, Mearth’s electric scooters have passed industry standard testing, guaranteeing safety to the best of its efforts.

But remember, you also need to do your part. ALWAYS wear your approved HELMET and SAFETY GEAR for maximum protection!

Another reliable feature in the Mearth RS electric scooter is its front-facing, super bright LED headlight for maximum visibility, brightening the road ahead but still with the right balance of brightness for approaching drivers. Mearth is all about making traveling safer.

Additionally, you can rely on the Mearth RS’ HD display screen that is up-to-date with modern times. Just with one screen, the remaining power, speed in real time, speed mode and distance traveled can easily be seen and accessed. The dynamic Mearth RS e-scooter offers 3 riding modes, suitable for different environments that help one easily switch among the 3 options: Eco, Sport, and Sport+ with just a press of a button.


Want the Mearth RS Electric Scooter? 

Get it at Mearth New Zealand. Mearth New Zealand is dedicated to providing exceptional electric scooters that prioritize quality, reliability, and performance. Their range of scooters offers individuals in New Zealand a sustainable and convenient mode of transportation while reducing their carbon footprint.


As King Charles III ushers in a new era for the British monarchy, take advantage of this limited-time Mearth New Zealand offer and seize the opportunity to join the Mearth movement in New Zealand and embrace the future of transportation. Celebrate the occasion in style and contribute to a cleaner, greener environment with Mearth New Zealand’s electric scooters.

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