As the Boomer King keeps trying to privatise our Airport the question of how to balance Auckland City Councils books becomes more desperate.

Despite the unprecedented impact of two Covid years, the value of AIAL shares has increased by 352%, benefiting Auckland Council by more than $1.634 billion – so why are we selling our Airport again?

There are 13 golf courses operating on 535 hectares of council-owned  land, covering an area 1.25 times larger than Auckland’s city centre. Airport Shares are worth $2.2billion, Golf courses are worth  2.9Billion.

Why is he selling our airport and not the bloody golf courses to make money to fill the budget hole?

Why not keep 3 18 hole golf courses, sell 5 and make 5 9 hole gold courses while developing affordable homes available only for owner occupiers and State Housing?

That way we keep recreational space, make money AND create desperately needed housing!

Why is it the Airport we have to privatise and not the bloody Golf courses?


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