Freedom movement splintering amid infighting and the formation of new political party

They promised political unity but two of the most high-profile groups against the Covid restrictions are at loggerheads – just months out from the election.

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki is looking to sue far-right media outlet Counterspin, while another freedom party is entering the mix.

Canterbury businessman Leighton Baker announced he was forming the Leighton Baker party on Sunday after he was named in the top five of preferred Prime Ministers in a Newshub poll – scoring higher than Winston Peters at 3.9%.

But Baker’s announcement is seen as another blow to the freedom movement by many of his social media followers who fear he will further split the vote.

Oh this is glorious!

On top of Leighton Baker’s Ego launching his own Christian Party, the Bish has turned on Counterspin and is going to sue them for defamation.


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Because Counterspin claimed the Bish had helped with vaccinations, which even if true,  only highlights how insane Counterspin is to think that’s a ‘crime’ in the first place.

The Bish has no political credibility, but his religion grift has enough cash to destroy Counterspin in any defamation trial.

While the feral Antivaxxers were turning against each other, the Bish launched a promise to legislate against homosexuality…


…while I certainly think the NZ trans community have done everything in their power to alienate and cancel everyone who disagrees with them, legislating against the Gay Community is Ugandan in its cruelty.

Thanks Jesus these feral antivax lunatics are only good at destroying things and are so narcissistic that they can’t work together.


Keep fighting you psychos!

The only thing greater than these morons attacking each other is the disappointment of all those antivax supporters desperate to see their fears given political representation.

It’s like a wedding where the celebration is a funeral.

TDB will do all it can this election to continue to remind all the different antivax leaders of all the awful things the other antivax leaders are saying about them so that there is no way they will co-operate.


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