Handball is one of the most popular ball games. With fast attacks and many goals, the matches are very attractive to spectators.

With a bookmaker like Amunra, you can choose from numerous betting opportunities and lucrative betting odds. 

If you want to learn about handball betting, read on. This guide coverchams the most popular betting options.


What to Look for in Handball Betting?

Before making your bet, you should always look at the odds offered by Amunra for line bets on goals. 

You can usually get much better values ​​here, and in the long run, a difference of 1.05 to 1.5 for a win bet makes a huge difference as opposed to 1.6 to 2.2 for an over/under bet.

If there is a clear favorite in a match, the win bet is often hardly worthwhile because the odds are correspondingly low. 

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This is where handicaps come into play. By allowing the strong opponent to be behind, you can improve the betting odds accordingly, but you should bet within a realistic range.

There are also the so-called long-term bets. Typical bets are on the World Champion, Champions League winner, or league winner, and you can also bet on who will be the top scorer. 

Furthermore, there are betting markets at Amunra on who will make it to the finals of a certain league or tournament.

The odds for such events are typically quite high here because the prediction is correspondingly difficult. 

Nevertheless, it makes sense to consider the entire course of a tournament or season when analyzing to set up a strategy.

As you will see below in the section on available bet types, there are far fewer special bets in handball than in other sports, but you can play all the classics. 

The comparison bets are particularly interesting if they are available. If you are already involved in the analysis and know the strengths of the individual teams, a head-to-head comparison of two teams is much more worthwhile than tying up capital with a long-term bet for an unnecessarily long time.

If you didn’t make a pre-match handball bet on time, you still have a chance to score points with live handball bets.

Wait for the start of the game and then read trends from the game. If you then bet on a win, you’ll have to do with lower odds, but you are always better off with this than with a losing bet. 

An alternative is to wait for the favorite to fall behind in order to take advantage of the high odds in the hope that the stronger team will turn the tide.


All Types of Handball Bets at a Glance 

In contrast to other sports such as football, there are significantly fewer special bets in handball. 

For example, Amunra allows you to bet on fouls or penalties, but these options are not widespread.

However, there is a wide range of other bets you can make:


3-Way Bet 

As in football and many other sports, you can bet on a favorite, an underdog, or a tie. This betting market applies to regular time.


Double Chance Bet 

A draw is relatively rare in handball, but with this 2-way bet, you can cover a win and a draw at the same time, albeit at lower odds.


Goal Bet

Bets on goals include predicting an exact score, either at the end of the game or at halftime. There are also bets on an even or odd number of goals.



Handicap Bet

If a team is significantly stronger, you can make a handicap bet on the favorite and thus increase the odds. Keep in mind that this type of bet involves more risk.


What are the Best Handball Competitions for Betting?

The international handball sport is mainly dominated by Europe, although not all countries have great professional leagues.

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, and France are the countries with the best league.

Other competitions worth considering for betting are the Handball World Cup, European Championship, Champions League, European Cup, and Challenge Cup.

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