National MPs correct interest register, as investigation into Michael Wood launched

Parliament published amended pecuniary interests on Wednesday, with three National MPs having to correct their original declarations which were incorrect. No MPs from other political parties corrected their answers this year.

National deputy leader Nicola Willis left off the fact she had a mortgage on her family home with ANZ. This has since been corrected.

Willis said she spotted the mistake the day the original register was published and corrected the mistake that day. It took until yesterday for Parliament to compile and publish MPs’ other amendments.

Gerry Brownlee incorrectly stated he had just one rental property on the original register – the updated one reflects the fact he has two.

Fellow National MP Sam Uffindell forgot his two superannuation schemes: AustralianSuper and Westpac KiwiSaver.

The number of corrections is up on last year, when only David Seymour corrected his declaration, reflecting two speaking and appearance fees he had been given and later donated.

The appalling pile on and demands for Michael Wood to be stood down are driven by something far more malicious than his supposed corruption.

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Michael Wood, whom I am privileged to have met many times over the years, is a scrupulously moral and ethical man of enormous mana and I take him at his total word that this airport share conflict of interest was a mistake.

A stupid mistake, but a mistake never the less.

The reason the right are attempting to denigrate Michael with corruption claims is naked resentment at his achievements to date!

His championing of the Fair Pay Agreements has set the political agenda of the right back 30 years and there is a feral anger towards Wood and his constant championing for beneficiary welfare increases and minimum wage upgrades!

He donated the shares to an Anglican Charity.

This isn’t a righteous campaign against corruption, it’s a character assassinating shanking for ideologically jealous motives.

Fuck going along with that!

Michael Wood is a good man, and I won’t stand by and allow a mob lynch a good man.

@ me bitches!

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