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Chlöe Swarbrick and the Green machine: Can they take another seat off Labour?

After securing a foothold in Auckland Central, the Green Party is looking to expand its reach in Tāmaki Makaurau. Glenn McConnell reports on the battle for Mt Albert.

Glenn McConnel is an insufferable woke Wellington commentator from Stuff whose political opinions are as charming as a Green Party Candidate pole-dancing for election funds.

His latest attempt to provide insight into my city and its political machinations is as credible as RNZ’s Russian propaganda.

The idea that a candidate as wet as Menéndez March will win Mt Albert is so fucking off the charts of reality it reads more like a Green Party propaganda piece than an insightful political column.

Where was this supposed ‘Green Machine’ during the Auckland Mayoralty Election?

Efeso Collins would like to know!

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I’m guessing Glenn was up for the weekend visiting friends and considered that trip to be enough ‘research’ for this piece of garbage.

Before I go romper stomper on Glenn, let me be very clear that I was the ONLY pundit last election who predicted correctly that Chloe would win Auckland Central.

Chloe won last election, and will win this election, because she is a unique candidate who is destined one day to be the Deputy Prime Minister of this country.

Menéndez March on the other hand is a political joke looking for punchline.

Now I think Mt Albert Labour Candidate Helen White is possibly the most smug candidate Labour has, remember her Finn Hogan interview during the 2020 election?

Helen’s main beef in that interview was why she had to bother explaining how much better than Chloe she is.

Watching her try and justify her Chloe slam is very Ok Karen.

It’s that odd situation where the more you see of a candidate, the less you like them…

…what is amazing about Helen’s win as the candidate for Mt Albert however was that Jacinda was backing Camilla Belich and even turned up to the Mt Albert vote with Camilla!

Helen’s ambition is far larger than needing backing from Jacinda and her undeserved smugness is the exact same trait most people living in Mt Albert share with her so Candidate and Electorate are in perfect harmony on how important they think they both are.

Helen will win Mt Albert by a huge margin.

Auckland’s woke culture is very different from Wellington’s woke culture because Auckland is too expensive to be woke.

Wokies hate normies (and heteronormative white cis males) so try and live in the same neighbourhoods and urban kibbutz together which is easier in Wellington than Auckland so there are a few chances to pull this electorate strategy off.

James Shaw’s play in Wellington Central now the electorate is ‘open’ is a shrewd new electorate strategy based on Chloe’s incredible Auckland Central win and Tory Whanau’s very successful Wellington Mayoralty campaign.

They are playing the same strategy in Rongotai with Julie Anne Genter.

The Australian Greens have understood a developing electorate white anting tactic of overthrowing electorate majorities by adding middle class environmentalism with millennial voters and woke identity politics.

By serving up a local power like Tamatha Paul instead of parachuting in a stronger brand candidate, the Greens are clearly rewarding their activist base who have stepped up locally as leaders.

The Greens still need to get their traditionally slack vote to engage and there is a danger that they will actually tread water and poll the same 8% (if not less) than they got in 2020 because while woke intensification can provide electorate infrastructure, the national brand goes down the toilet thanks to the alienating woke pure temple politics.

It’s true that the Greens are building deeper roots in previously Labour electorates that are gentrifying, but they are not widening their political appeal beyond the children of the middle classes.

Efeso Collins offers the Greens a new bridge into South Auckland voters that are currently beyond their reach because the Greens are still essentially spoilt middle class virtue signalling brats.

Much like Glenn McConnel.


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