Intense smoke fills NYC and forces a ‘code red’ in Philadelphia as millions from the East Coast to Canada suffer from Quebec’s wildfires

From Maryland to the Canadian capital, a monstrous cloud of smoke spewed by Quebec’s wildfires has forced children to stay indoors, grounded flights in New York City and left millions of residents at risk of breathing unhealthy air.

More than 75 million people in the eastern US are under air quality alerts Wednesday due to the smoke, which made iconic skylines disappear behind wafting orange fumes.

There is an intense karma is there not watching America choke from catastrophic climate change forest fires that America refuses to do much about.

That karma is only going to get far worse.

As National, ACT and Corporate Farmers walk away from any agreement on emissions as they play their usual game of deli and denial when it comes to doing anything meaningful on climate change emissions, we just hit a Co2 level of 424.58ppm!

The last time the planet was this hot was 5 million years ago.

We can now see the impact of this super spike in heat melting the planet in real time…

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There are mega fires burning in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, British Columbia, SIBERIA, Spain and Chile.

All in the past month.

Siberia holds one and a half trillion tons of carbon and methane in the permafrost, what happens when it burps all that enormous amount of gas into the atmosphere?

We know from the ice record this has happened in the past, 635million year ago and it caused catastrophically abrupt climate change.

We are seeing enormous craters of methane erupting already.

Look what is happening in Turkmenistan

The US is in negotiations with Turkmenistan over an agreement to plug the central Asian nation’s colossal methane leaks.

Turkmenistan was responsible for 184 “super-emitter” events in which the powerful greenhouse gas was released in 2022, the highest number in the world. One caused climate pollution equivalent to the rate of emissions from 67 million cars.

…singular events that produce the pollution of 67million cars?

What happens when these events get triggered?

There is just no plan to adapt to this new reality when it should be the driving force to begin immediate and radical adaptation for what is coming.

We have no comprehension of what is coming and we are simply not prepared for the age of consequences.

This is all incredibly problematic for the NZ climate denial clique of National, ACT and Federated Farmers because their whole shtick is to deny we can do anything because our emissions are so low.

That argument falls on its arse the millisecond your population is covered by thick smoke from climate change burning forest fires.

It’s hard to pretend nothings going on when an apocalyptic nightmare become your waking life.

Watching National, ACT and Corporate Farmers use their economic and political muscle to avoid responsibility for what comes next can only be resolved by civil unrest and a campaign of civil disobedience against those interests.

This is the age of consequences.



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