Animal rights organisation SAFE is calling on National and ACT to walk back their policy to restart live animal exports by sea ahead of the election.

SAFE is drawing a line in the sand today, which marks Ban Live Exports International Awareness Day, a global initiative denouncing the atrocities of live export.

SAFE CEO Debra Ashton says opposition parties would be supporting animal cruelty if they formed a government and overturned the live export ban.

“New Zealand has a pivotal role to play this year, having implemented a ban on the live export of animals at sea in April this year,” says Ashton.

“So it’s disappointing that some political parties, like National and ACT want to restart the industry. We need to protect the ban on live export.”

Globally millions of farmed animals are transported over long distances every year. Animals face lengthy travels with stops few and far between. They endure exhaustion, injuries, trampling and even death.

“The rest of the world is starting to shift away from live animal exports due to the significant animal welfare concerns. Australia, Luxembourg, and the European Union are all considering or have taken steps to phase out live animal exports.”

“If National and ACT want to avoid being seen as supporting animal cruelty, they need to reconsider their policies to restart live export.”

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