Great to see Winston up and about and yelling at the clouds again, but this insane  interpretation of the Terrorism Suppression Act and his desire to send the military in to Opotiki is so deeply flawed, I’m not sure where to begin.

Firstly, the great and brilliant Graeme Edgeler (who was my lawyer in my fight against the NZ Police) points out why legally this is insane…

…he is of course right.

To qualify as a Terrorist organisation and unleash all the enormous military power of the State that goes along with that, you have to  actually have an ideological, religious, political purpose.

Simply being criminal doesn’t trigger the extraordinary powers of the State.

What happened in Opotiki is a policing issue and a societal issue, letting the State off the leash to declare effective martial law so the paramilitary police can start shooting people is not a fucking solution, it is an inane provocation.

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We need less Police State flexing and more actual thinking to ensure our reaction doesn’t make things worse.

Oh and as for the Alt Rights current favourite thinking mans crumpet, Thomas Cranmer…



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