To be honest I don’t read or listen to Hosking very much but if this spittle flecked unhinged hate rant from him today is anything to go by, he has reached the steam-fogging-up-a-sadists-glasses level of political vexation as we race into the election.

His allegations against the Labour Party however really end up saying more about him than the Labour Party.

His argument boils down to, “Haha, stupid Labour Maorified everything and the Maaaaoris gonna turn on them and cost them the election.”

Hosking is such a harlot for capitalism that everything is transactional.

He believes the only reason Labour would attempt co-Governance with 3Waters was because it would ‘win’ Labour something when that isn’t what happened at all!

Labour attempted better co-governance with 3 Waters because after John Key privatised our hydro assets, Māori had gone to the Waitangi Tribunal for a ruling on their interests and the Waitangi Tribunal agreed Māori have interests in water and that it was the Crown’s obligation to structure that.

Co-governance with 3 Waters was that attempt because Labour are not frightened of doing what is right over what is politically expedient.

To frame that responsibility as Labour bribing Māori for a transactional gain that doesn’t occur just outs Hosking’s own pimp capitalism, it doesn’t drown Labour in the same sin bath of Hosking’s limited sense of human interactions.

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