I love how he opens the doco, “I’m doing this doco because my career is over and I don’t care’.

He reminds us that to be anti-establishment means to challenge the establishment and reminds us the enemy are the banks and the rich.

He delves into the terrible way Jeremy Corbyn  was smeared as antisemitic so that his campaign against the powerful and wealthy interests he challenged could poison his work.

His doco was just banned at Glastonbury as the same antisemitic tactics used against Roger Waters is expanded to Sayle

Glastonbury Cancels Screening Of ‘Oh, Jeremy Corbyn, The Big Lie’ Doc After Jewish Groups Accuse Film Of Pushing Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory

Glastonbury Festival has removed documentary Oh, Jeremy Corbyn, The Big Lie from its film program after Jewish groups accused it of putting forward an antisemitic conspiracy theory around why the politician never rose to the position of UK prime minister.

The move, which has prompted a counter backlash from supporters of Corbyn, comes just six years after the politician was given a rock star’s welcome at the festival when he addressed a 50,000-strong crowd in 2017.

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The documentary, produced by activist London-based production house Platform Films, was due to screen in Glastonbury’s Pilton Palais cinema tent as part of a line-up also featuring The Super Mario Bros. Movie and Spider-Man: Across The Spider Verse as well as classics such as Withnail And I.

…this follows on from Al Jazeera’s damning documentary into how Corbyn was undermined and framed as an antisemite by the Zionist Apartheid Israeli supporters who falsified and lied about the level of antisemitism inside Labour to destroy Corbyn.

Just pointing this out is now antisemitic!

Corbin was always a left wing Populist threat to the UK establishment and his pro Palestinian stance terrified the Zionist Apartheid Israeli supporters so he had to be destroyed by Starmer.

This antisemite game is one played all the time to silence any criticism of Zionist Apartheid Israels brutal and illegal occupation of the Palestinian people.

Starmer’s Labour UK Stasi outed anyone who supported Corbyn by playing woke identity politics cancellation Lynch mobs.

The same tactics being used against an artist like Roger Waters and comedians like Alexei Sayle need to be resisted because they are the ones challenging Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine, they are not being antisemitic.


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