Chinese Foreign Minister: “Tiny flightless bird, you shall bow before your master the mighty red dragon!”

Mahuta: “Yeah nah”.

This is an incredibly interesting escalation…

Nanaia Mahuta received ‘dressing down’ from Chinese Foreign Minister – reports

Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta was subjected to a major dressing down from the Chinese Foreign Minister during her visit to Beijing in March.

The Australian reports that Mahuta copped an “epic haranguing” by her counterpart Qin Gang, quoting sources familiar with the incident.

The news comes as Prime Minister Chris Hipkins prepares to leave tomorrow for his landmark meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

A source told The Australian: “She was harangued for a whole hour.”

…this is an amazing disclosure and if we had newsrooms that weren’t focused on reporting about their feelings and not triggering the woke, we’d have wall to wall coverage.

Instead we have The Project, Seven Sharp and Paddy Gower’s got issues.

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Doesn’t he just.

There are a lot of things to unpick here in this exchange between Mahuta and the Chinese Foreign Minister.

First it helps explain Chippy’s refusal to back America and call Xi a dictator. If this is the private tone our largest economic partner is expressing towards NZ, calling Xi a ruthless dictator would go down about as well as Trump at a Feminist Folk Festival.

Secondly the timing of this disclosure, clearly leaked by Australia to Australian media, was meant to undermine Chippy’s diplomatic deference after Biden called Xi a dictator just as we are meeting Xi.

Australia has effectively farted in the diplomatic elevator just as we enter it.

Cheers cobber.

How much more American arse can you kiss?

So Chippy’s diplomatic deference is part of NZs peaceful diplomacy stance and the Australians are undermining that by releasing the notes on this exchange.

The third thing we can see is that Mahuta, who is a battleship, would not have accepted this attack meekly. She would have stood up for NZs mana in no uncertain terms and defended our collective honour as a nation and as a people.

Thank Christ we had her in this meeting! John Key would have been too busy bowing towards the Foreign Minister while crying, “Tiny Flightless bird loves it’s red dragon master”.

John Key loves China more than Donald Trump loves Donald Trump.

John would disown Max for Xi. I believe this.

It’s insane the same day Australian media point out that China attacked our Foreign minister, John Key is out in the media telling people the funny jokes Xi likes to make???

Xi the dictator? The private humour of repressive regime strongmen.

Are they Knock, Knock jokes?

Knock, Knock.

Who’s there?

The Chinese mass surveillance communist human rights abusing Police state.

The Chinese mass surveillance communist human rights abusing Police state who?

The Chinese mass surveillance communist human rights abusing Police state who are going to kick in this fucking door and shoot everyone while sending the bill for the bullets to your next of kin if you don’t comply immediately!

Lols all round.

The fourth thing we need to take from this extraordinary escalation is that maybe we have misread China, that we had hoped our trade would be a bridge between us that could ensure stability, but for the Chinese Foreign Minister attempt to rag doll us for righteous and legitimate criticism of China’s abuse of human rights shows us that we can not pretend our trade with them will protect us from the inevitable.

This remarkable private insight shows China will clearly use our trade with them as leverage in their looming conflict with America.

The urgency with which we need to rebuild relationships with India and diversify our economy so that China doesn’t have leverage has never been higher.

While we urgently attempt that, let’s be crystal clear that doesn’t and shouldn’t;t mean we run into the arms of America.

Fuck getting into another bullshit war for America.

We need to start seriously considering what a neutrality position requires while acknowledging that we need to spend more on our military to achieve that neutrality.

For China to attempt to diplomatically attack NZ in a private session between Foreign Ministers is totally unacceptable.

We have nothing to answer for!

We will not temper our criticisms on human rights just because China buys all our milk powder!

This is Aotearoa New Zealand. We are not for fucking sale!

But that China would ‘go there’ tells us that is how they intend to use that trade relationship, and if they are pulling stunts like this now, it will only get far more intense as conflict builds between America and China.

Neutrality, friend-to-all-enemy-to-none diplomacy and a military large enough to defend that neutrality is a foreign policy worth considering.

The Māori Party are the only ones discussing neutrality this election.


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