It’s difficult watching something you have grown to despise burn down, but that’s honestly how I feel about our obscene user pays education system that has made students clients and who have slavishly worshiped international students at the expense of domestic ones.

Screw the Universities!

Not just for their woke nonsense, but because they have become a user pays industry that has little social good.

By making Tertiary education user pays, they stopped being a talent based meritocracy and just became a middle class virtue signal.

Their devotion to churning through International Students has made them focused as a corporation, not as a social or public good.

Watching all these greedy Universities who have turned into user pays education monstrosities scream in pain is glorious.

Should we save Tertiary education?

Sure, but let’s not allow them to be the user pays hell holes they’ve mutated into!

TDB Recommends

1:  Free Education and liveable student allowances for NZ Citizens: Stop being a money pit and give Kiwis WITH THE ACADEMIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS free education and a liveable student allowance. This will allow Universities to regain their social importance rather than being a cheap research lab for capitalism.

2: Bring back Universal Student Union Membership: Without the structure of Universal Student Unions, students end up being nothing more than commodities traded between institutions. By having Universal Student Union Membership students regain their voice at the Tertiary table forces change.

3: Mass state investment into multiple campuses in India: One of the problems of Indian migrant workers with great skills is that they are rarely recognised in NZ. Having offshore Campuses in India would allow that recognition to occur while Students study in India and can graduate towards citizenship in NZ once skill sets are met. That way you give Tertiary education a chance to earn revenue offshore while focusing on specific domestic skills needed in NZ.

You can’t stamp out user pays education, but you can offset its impact on New Zealanders while generating a better system.

Why simply rebuild the current user pays system that leaves so many enslaved in debt?

Why not tilt it to favour those who have built the foundations on which Universities sit while exploring offshore campuses that can build the next future foundations?



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