The many faces of Shane Jones

The Poll of Polls is predicting a Labour led minority Government with Supply and Confidence from the Māori Party, but that is only one outcome, the others are  National/ACT Government and a National minority Government with supply and confidence from NZFirst and ACT.

This blog looks at how a National minority Government with supply and confidence from NZFirst and ACT works.

The sudden realisation by National that ACT pose an existential threat to them politically is only just dawning on the National strategy team.

This is National’s strategist, Chris Bishop, remember as you look at his haggard face and dead eyes that he is only 39…

…Jesus wept, he looks like he’s been asked to dig a trench beneath a melting nuclear reactor in the Soviet Union.

That’s what being National’s strategist does to you.

Ages you horribly.

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As it should, because there is a real danger to National here that ACT will dominate any post negotiation and get everything they’ve ever wanted through.

180 days out from his elections with Labour, John Key was consistently double digits ahead of Labour.

180 days out from his election with Labour, Christopher Luxon has barely managed to beat Labour and when he does it’s a couple of points.

National always over poll heavily and to win on election night need a far larger margin than they are currently registering.

The fear of the ultra wealthy is a Labour Party forced to make serious concessions to the Left. Normally the wealthy can rely on the Left being too distracted by identity politics and internal bickering to do anything meaningful against their interests, but John Tamihere and the new Māori Party he is leading are disruptors of the worst type in that they can’t be bribed.

When they say they are going to tax the rich and remove GST off food, they mean it.

That is why the wealthy Right are so interested in supporting an Epsom cup of tea deal in Northland to help Shane Jones win and ensure NZF is represented if they fall short of 5%.

The only way National can win is with ACT AND NZF.

This would blunt ACTs more crazy policy while denying the Left a true political victory but it would also see the next 3 years spent having Winston try and claw the face of David Seymour, while David Seymour kept trying to shank Winston in the heart with Luxon sitting between them sobbing into his Bible.

That would be a funny 3 years.



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