Watching right wing wet Liam Hehir and the chinless wonder from down under, Davey Cormack fight is tough because you want them both to lose.

It’s like a cage death match between a Wellington Dalek and an effeminate Brown Shirt, you want them both to die, but not quickly eh?

Liam Hehir summed up in one image – a vacant light brown turtleneck

Hehir is the wettest right winger in NZ, less brown shirt, more vacant light brown turtleneck blouse while the chinless wonder from down under, Davey Cormack, is the insufferable Professional Managerial Class woke wellington fuckwit who Guyon Espiner hilariously outed as the arsehole helping Pharmac escape media scrutiny.

The world according to the chinless wonder from down under, Woke Welly General Davey Cormack

In any fight, between Liam. and Davey, you want them to both be fatally wounded.

Or permanently mutilation or disabled,  I’m open to options other than outright death.

Here they are fighting over when National put their bullshit law and order brainfart together. Cormack says it was weeks, Hehir says a months, either way, who gives a fuck what these two talentless clowns think, the reality is that National’s law and order virtue signal was fucking stupid, unworkable and EXACTLY as TDB predicted

Watch this muppet walk all this back by the end of the week once journalists start asking actual details of the rehab programme in remand and if that means they don’t have to admit guilt and watch how many times Chris comes up against National’s own self imposed bullshit on these rules.

…Luxon was forced to u-turn these stupid policy ideas within 24 hours because ultimately neither Luxon nor National have any idea how the current prison policy settings work!

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National clarifies exceptions to sentence discount cap policy

National’s justice spokesperson has clarified that a new policy to restrict how much judges can discount sentences could be more lenient in “extreme cases”.

…well well well.

They are ALREADY walking this bullshit back!

National are manipulating the Prison and Crime narrative.

They say the soft-on-crime-cuddle-a-crim Labour Party are fecklessly letting out 4000 prisoners while the crime rate soars.

They are not only confusing correlation as cause, they are ignoring how and why Labour gained those numbers in the first place.

When the National Party tightened Prison policy they allowed for non violent offenders to apply for home detention while in prison. All Labour did was provide assistance to the Prisoners eligible for that process to fill in the forms, because most of the prisoners are illiterate.

They aren’t skipping out the front gate and ram raiding Michael Hill Jewellers, they are on home detention and we put them on home detention because we know being inside prison is the best indication you are going to go back to prison!

70% reoffend after being released for two years!

They do that because Prison is a brutal, violent, corrupt, understaffed nightmare that is deeply traumatising and damaging for those who don’t pose a violent threat.

Only the worst are being kept in there, people whose actions are deeply damaging and all we are gaining is time inside where they can’t hurt the general public. Our prison system is damaging, it takes angry hurt men and turns them into angrier monsters.

No one seems to have explained to Luxon what the 30% prison population reduction policy actually is (it’s a National Party policy btw that allows for nonviolent prisoners to apply for home detention) and National don’t understand that Prisoners have to accept their guilt to gain access to rehabilitation programs!

National’s desire to extend rehabilitation programs into remand utterly misunderstands that everyone in remand ARE INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY! Why the flying fuck would prisoners awaiting trial and sentence admit guilt to gain access to a rehabilitation program BEFORE their case was even heard?

Why would any prisoner do that???

National don’t actually understand the Prison Empire they built when last in power, their solutions to remove discretion from Judges, impose harsher sentences while pretending rehabilitation programs that can never and will never work in remand is the silver bullet.

So why is our crime rate soaring?

Let’s be honest, some certainly are sawing off their ankle bracelet and joining the Frey, but that is a single digit minority, not anywhere near what is generating the current crime wave.

What is generating the current crime wave is the same thing that is generating crime waves throughout the post-covid Western World.

The same is happening in Australia,  UK, Canada and America.

Post covid societal and economic stresses causing crime waves at the same time there is 12.4% food inflation and a cost of living crisis while surviving the ongoing economic, cultural and social impacts of climate crisis storms and geopolitical shockwaves is as predictable as National having to walk something back 24 hours after Luxon says it!

Of course crime is exploding everywhere because the covid sacrifice was felt unevenly across our unequal society, pretending building more fucking prisons is a solution to all of that is sophistry at its most intellectually bankrupt.

National’s law and order debate is as stupid as Liam and Davey fighting over when this inane brainfart was squeaked out.

A plague on all their prison cells.


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