First, this basic bitch attempt by National to conflate Gangs voting Labour as Labour supporting Gangs is stupid enough to appeal to National voters.

Secondly, National have seized upon Harry Tam endorsing Labour and the Greens as evidence of Labour’s cuddle-a-crim softness on crime policies but isn’t it more to do with the fact that National haven’t even bothered to cost their jail revenge fantasy and Harry is a fiscal conservative who doesn’t want National and ACT spending billions and billions and billions on a Prison Empire with orange jump suited chain gangs breaking rock singing “Old man river”.

Isn’t Harry right to demand fiscal accountability from National?

After announcing their Prison Empire at conference, Paul Goldsmith and Chris Luxon both claimed the cost of a prisoner was $100 000 each year when the real amount is $193 000.

If you are intending to throw thousands more back into prison, shouldn’t you have some idea how much it’s going to cost?

How is it that National can promise a counter productive draconian prison empire with no costings and still have the audacity to point to Gangs voting Labour as a policy position?

Why is Harry’s supposed self interest as a gang member voting Labour any different from Luxon’s self interest as a multiple property owner voting for National?

National are manipulating your fear and anger over crime and you are allowing them to manipulate you.

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