I haven’t been convinced that Winston has found his issue this year that will propel NZF over the 5%.

Demanding Government Departments drop their Māori names is petty and demanding domestic gangs are redefined as terrorist groups so the military can be sent in is borderline insane, however, his critique of the new insane science curriculum however is a 5% threshold crosser…

School science curriculum: Teachers shocked at leaked draft – ‘Where’s the science?’

Science teachers are shocked that an advance version of the draft school science curriculum contains no mention of physics, chemistry or biology.

The so-called “fast draft” said science would be taught through four contexts – the Earth system, biodiversity, food, energy and water, and infectious diseases.

It was sent to just a few teachers for their feedback ahead of its release for consultation next month, but some were so worried by the content they leaked it to their peers.

…it doesn’t mention chemistry, biology or physics once yet mentions Mātauranga 55 times! It is education so dumbed down to give the precious little angels a cultural cuddle because they are so easily triggered these days they will get social anxiety’s if anything is too hard.

There is a real sense that our kids are not getting ahead educationally and that school has morphed into a baby sitting for our kids feelings.

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Gen Xers and Boomers grew up in an educational philosophy that stated ‘Be the best you can be’. The idea was you were in a constant competition with yourself to perform with personal excellence in the field you did best in.

It unfortunately also used Bell Curve graph ruthlessness that ensured 50% failed regardless of whether they actually passed. That created generations of lost potential. Instead of reform the Belle Curve mentality, we went completely the other way with Tomorrow’s Schools in dumping all the responsibility onto local communities without any of the resourcing.

That manifested a completely different philosophy.

Millennials and under were brought up in an educational philosophy of ‘everyone is special’.

You can quickly see the problem.

Schools seem to have been given carte blanche to define educational achievement as they like with the most important factor being the feelings of the child.

It seems to have produced a brittle generation who require constant nurturing and cuddles rather than stoic self reliance and independence of critical thinking agency.

Removing the science from science so that it is dumber and easier so the precious little kids don’t feel dumb is only making us weaker.

Winston may have finally found his issue.



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